Dear thepublicblogger, why did you follow my blog?

Dear thepublicblogger, why did you follow my blog?

dear thepublicblogger

Dear thepublicblogger: First I want to thank you for following my blog. I could be cynical and say maybe you just did it, so that I would follow yours, but hopefully that is not the case. I am one to always believe the best about people first so I’m going to remain optimistic (although, I am glad to follow yours, because I am enjoying it quite a bit). –  cynical optimist

Dear cynical optimist:  I do not think you are being cynical in the least by inquiring the reasons for my joining your community. Cynicism would come into play if you did not ask. ‘Following’ is a common term used throughout social media, but here, we are neighbors. The cynic would be partially correct, but, in this case, a real cynic would not have obtained a season pass. The cynic would have judged my performance at the door, and never read a single post.  Several neighbors and visitors alike have inquired as to why I would follow them, and one very talented blogger, The Curse of Future Tom (2013 mid-season nominee Best Comedy Post/Blog) even wrote a hilarious piece (I hope he was being funny) ‘There’s Some Kind of Blogsphere in Here‘ wondering if I was up to something by following him. A very valid question and you are not alone in being a curious mind.

With a population of 65,000,000, if WordPress were a country, it would be the 22nd largest in the world, wedged right between  the United Kingdom (63,700,000) and France (65,700,000). It is a fascinating, international community, that enables all to build a platform to showcase their talents and/or to have a voice. I enjoy my trips around the WordPress world. The sites, sounds, stories, rants and raves I encounter from my desktop our priceless.

It is my vision that The Neighborhood become an international destination for entertainment, for discussion, for discovery, for intrigue and most importantly, for peace. Developing, designing and building the type of all-inclusive atmosphere, takes planning, promoting, imagination, intensity and sincerity.  But all of those things become moot, without  people to share in this journey, that unveils itself a little each day.

I learn of new communities, by visiting my neighbors’ communities. WordPress is brilliant in its simplicity of meeting new friends. Simply ‘Liking’ a post or ‘commenting’ on a platform, or ‘following’ another blogger, your Gravatar  or Hovercard serves as your ‘I was here signature’ linking back, from wherever you are, to your blog, making meeting new friends as easy as a ‘touch or click’. Freshly Pressed is an in-house promotional device, if you will, where ever changing categories of blogs and posts, appear, running the gamut from ‘Drawing’ to ‘Inspiration’ from ‘Startups’ to ‘Blogging’ with hundreds of stops in between. And the prominence of WordPress bloggers can be felt throughout the world wide web, as it is not uncommon  to read a headline at another online community or media source, clicking the link to follow the story, and finding it has led you to a WordPress blog.

Cyberspace, where billions have established homes, is made up of hundreds of micro communities.  Many people establish residence at one location and maintain ties to several more. WordPress is my home location, but with so many friends, family members, and early supporters at Facebook, I maintain smaller accommodations there, as well as SoundCloud, Twitter and GooglePlus, which are still  relatively new communities to me. I try to demonstrate respect by contributing to the atmosphere at each location, in a give and take. I fall short, but my intentions are good. Many times, I am outfoxed by the number of hours in a day. But at WordPress, my home base, my online resident location, being a good neighbor does not just solve fair, it is the very foundation, in which The Neighborhood is built.

I have visited, read, listened to and commented on thousands of posts from thousands of WordPress bloggers. I cross share works from different communities, and during the blogger awards season, dedicate myself to finding, visiting and reviewing hundreds of new blogs, as well as, blogs that I have bookmarked. In an effort to expand the consideration pool for the 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards,  judging criteria was established, including opening up the process to bloggers outside of WordPress, and international judging panels, and a popular vote via online poll, were installed. Utilizing this platform, the neighborhood has supported causes such as stopping bullying (BULLY) and supporting homeless Veterans and those suffering from ptsd (The Hypocrisy of War), and I am proud to do so, and humbled that my voice can be heard.

Why do I follow you? And you? And you? at WordPress, at Twitter and SoundCloud? Why do I find  ‘Friends’  at Facebook and Goodreads? Why do I make ‘Connections’ at LinkedIn, add ‘Acquaintances’ at GooglePlus, feed to Bloglovin and Tumblr and post at Reddit?

As a marketer, (the cynic will say I told you so) following is a tool used in promotions and attracting new visitors, as well as, introducing to potential new neighbors and friends, Similar to most (if not all) performance artists, I revel in producing a sold-out show. As an author, blogger & writer, It allows me to introduce readers to my novels, series and other works I post.  As a volunteer promoter, it provides a larger audience for the incredible talent  I discover and share within a post. As a purveyor of peace, it brings the world together in a discussion of civility and respect. And as a visionary, I can see The Neighborhood as a destination, bustling with visitors, bursting with neighbors, teeming with life. But the number of followers is a false indicator for reaching set goals, and while a tool, it serves no purpose if the production falls below par and respect for community takes a nosedive. Smoke and mirrors may serve as an initial attraction, but it is beauty, and heart, and soul, and sharing, and caring, and believing, and understanding, and honesty and integrity and creativity and doubt and prayer and you that enables The Neighborhood to grow.

As of August 20, 2013, The Neighborhood has a population of 18,218 {updated: April 24, 2016: 84,678} and I am honored and proud to welcome everyone one of you. But there are so many you out there, that we have yet to meet.

No worries, we know you are there. And on July 4, eleven players will begin a quest to find you. And a voting audience, will eliminate those that don’t (big smile)


We know you are out there 

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    • Thank you for adding your voice and incidentally reminding me to update the show. Welcome to The Neighborhood. I think your interest will hold (big smile). – KP


  6. Well, before I follow your writings I need to take a longer look through what you have written. I did enjoy one thus so far. As my time is sparse I doubt I will read everything, but I will try to see what is here.


  7. Not sure if I already said my thanks for the FOLLOW before, but thank you. It’s been long-overdue. And I am FOLLOWING back because I want to, not just because I am reciprocating 🙂


  8. I just made my first blog, and, thank you thepublicblogger for being my first follower! I’m grateful you did it i discovered your posts and enjoy reading them.


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  10. Wrote my first blog and 2 followers, then followed you and saw this post of yours first. Tadaa!!!, welcome to the blogging world kid


  11. “…but it is beauty, and heart, and soul, and sharing, and caring, and believing, and understanding, and honesty and integrity and creativity and doubt and prayer and you that enables The Neighborhood to grow.”

    Thank you for following enermazing, and being a good neighbour 🙂


  12. Thanks for following! I am excited to be a part of your writing community. I read your quote in your, “Writing is a performance art and every post is a show,” and I found it inspirational. Words to write by!


  13. Your Blog is very enlightening, I must say I did enjoy the read, I am really new to this but am enjoying the experience to far, the more i learn the more I realize how much more I have to learn. Thank you for including me in your family


  14. Thank you Sir, for stopping by my humble blog. I have just started out and self-educate as I go along in the blogosphere. You, on the other hand, seems to be accomplished. Keep doing what you are doing.


  15. Thank you for reading haiku and heresy on my blog page Wolflight.
    After coming to read on your site I feel as if we have many thoughts in common. I wanted you to know that my primary website is one of Poetry and is at pndrgn.
    Thank you again for visiting and I will be back to visit you.


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