Depiction of the Abused: an Artists Collaborative

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Don’t let the name fool you,
this is a very real and sad topic that should be brought into awareness.
I have only had to deal with this in a supporting role the past couple of years.
But, if I can help someone else, then that is what I will do.

The Harsh Reality from the blog Workesforme

depiction of abuse

Why???? by Arindam

Processing my abuse is hard, it sucks; but you know what?
I still have good days.  I can’t just write about my abuse.
I want to express every part of me, every pissed off, happy, or sad moment.
That is me, it is the real me, the “naked me” that I intended to start expressing here. 

depiction of abuse

stop child abuse by xioxio

So although my abuse is what led me to write here,
I will not just write about my “recovery.”
I am going to write about what I feel at the time
because my past has shaped me into the person I am now.

depiction of abuse

Innocence by Paperdragon

I refuse to wear a mask
and tell anyone who has suffered any kind of abuse
that “there is life after” and “you can survive”
you can get that anywhere really.

depiction of abuse

Empty Shell of Love by nighthawk101

What you are going to get here is the unmasked me,
and the journey that my life is in that very moment.
Naked Me: Revised from the blog This is Naked Me

depiction of abuse

52 Comments on “Depiction of the Abused: an Artists Collaborative

  1. “Depiction of the Abused”, writer of this article has ability to keep the reader focused and interested in topic till the end.


  2. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    A Good Insight into What happens to the Abused.

    My Dears, my Heartfelt Sympathies, which is the Best I can give/do from this distance. But You know I have tried, by my writings.


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  4. As a survivor, the innocence drawing’s eyes spoke volumes that unfortunately spoke to me immediately. It is haunting, so true and disturbing on ways that will stay with me for a long while.


  5. The words of an abused child is like a menacing darkness where every dimly lit hallway is a threat. It is better to be invisible than suffer the scorn of teachers, parents and co-workers. As children we internalize the negative and nurture what we know. I am not a stupid M’Fer (dad’s comments). I am a dumbass and I resemble that, worthless, incorrigible and practically brain dead.

    I love the sound of a freight train, it’s sonorous clamor gives me a place to hide, The slightest unexpected noise and I go into panic. A sudden burst of adrenaline goes from head to my spine with a tingling burning sensation.

    No abuse has not affected me at all. Except for the fear, the meds and an ever present sense of foreboding.


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  7. Thank you for posting this up.

    I have actually visited the link that you’ve put at the bottom.

    It’s a contemplative pitstop to say the least.

    It makes you stop and think and realise just how small our scope of the world is. Our perspective so narrow that we don’t see what others go through.

    What I saw in the owner of that site is courage and inspiration. That is a battle that is not easy to fight but she has shown such power and drive to come out of the darkness.

    I do not see a struggling person. I see instead a flower blossoming under dire weather conditions.

    It is nothing short of inspiring to me. I feel very different now.
    Thank you for sharing this. You brought some good change in me, a needed pitstop in the journey of self improvement.


    • Thank you havendol for your sweet words. Although I do not see myself in that same light I appreciate hearing that. Your words add to my strength and help me realize that there is a bigger support than I even imagined.


  8. This is amazing.. Thank you so much for being bold enough to share. I know this pain because I’ve felt it, too. There’s so much power in speaking about it. Continue to be brave. Well done fellow survivor.


  9. This is so powerful. I am filled with deep emotion each time I view this collection. I wish I had the words to properly express those feelings but I do not. I thank you for bringing such an amazing collection together, you are truly gifted Kendall.


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  11. Very nice… Its a very good work you did… Lets spread awareness like this and bring people to attention… With all this abuse so ramphant, you did a great job…. nice article…

    by the way you might wanna read some good inspirational and thought provoking articles and poems on my blog U’ll like it… Jus take a look…


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  13. strong and emotional pictures.. it is journey of life that a person must face and rebuild a new self to face a the future…


  14. Beautiful, emotional pictures and it make me want to cry. It is the journey of life which a person have to face and build a new self to begin a new journey of life. Don’t let the past or abuse to spoil your life style and look forward to a new goal in life.


  15. I like Valenteenmusic Silent faces it makes me calm but a litlle sad thinking of abused young people. It takes time to heal the soul and the Divine help from above is one way to go, forgive is important as well and astrology could be a tool to know oneself and others better.


  16. oh these human’s error of abuse… Let there be light of hope on those who suffer.. let there courage to live after… let there be support that brings laughter….


  17. God bless you, Mr. Kendall ! Thank you, you gave me a positive energy to continues my life!


  18. Emotional pictures, hope this story helps someone out there.


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