When The War Came To Ghana

I ask that you hold on before visiting this post. Wait until you have 3 minutes and forty-five seconds of uninterrupted moments. If you live in a country (or city) full of strife, comprehend that if we do not try to make things better, they can only get worse, And if you live in a peaceful region, and there is hate in your heart, ask yourself why and then ponder the thought, When the War Came to Ghana {and Syria and Laos and Bosnia and….} it had already planted the seed on where it was going to next. When The War Came To Ghana is heartbreaking and breathtaking and inspiring, all at once.


This was recorded a while back and has been featured on many online magazines. It made the readers’ pick of favourite poems of 2012 on oneghanaonevoice.com. Enjoy :

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5 Comments on “When The War Came To Ghana

  1. I love this blog already! I would be glad if I had the opportunity to learn from you,Kendall.


  2. Powerful! It’s astonishing what strength and beauty emerges from the ashes of every war.


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