(the inaugural) Thepublicblogger Awards – a Celebration of Community


Inaugural Awards Show {original air date May 2013}

Coming New Year’s Eve 2013
The Neighborhood’s Season-Ending Show: 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards



Ladies & Gentlemen, Readers & Writers, special guests, old friends, nominees and the entire blogger community. Welcome to inaugural ThepublicAwards –  a Celebration of Community.

You are now inside the world of my imagination. Imagine it is a beautiful summer’s eve, and we are gathered along  a spectacular shore. The moonlight beams off the ocean’s water, granting light upon a majestic pavilion, where the evening’s entertainment is where you will enjoy. The air is crisp and you can smell the ocean breeze. Although you have never been here before, you know this is a place full of love and peace.

Tonight, is a celebration of community. We celebrate what brings us together, but even inside my mind, we never forget what can tear us apart.

Kendall awards (1)My name is Kendall F. Person and I will be your host for this original Blogospheric event. Playing for you now, from Oslo Norway Drumma Battalion.  From Cartegan, Spain S’ENS is here. From Portland, Oregon international photographer, Leah Olson is here. From Berkeley, California Crystalkay Fairrington with the world premire of her latest video production. And of course, the evening would not be complete without them, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P-Shaw Productions is here.

file0001492858701But tonight it is all about our nominees and their winning blog posts. Over the passed five months, I have visited thousands of your blogs, and my sincere apologies, for I know there are thousands more. 38 posts were selected, in 7 categories:  Photography, Use of All Mediums, Humor/Comedy, Blog-Magazine, Short/Long Story, Healing/Inspirational and Rants/Musings.

So without further adieu, let us get right into the first category and a reveal of tonight’s first winner.

imaginationBest Photography

and the nominees are…..

The last liberal in beaconsfield – (Home Page)
Safari Kenya – (Masai Mara Game Reserve)
Caravanserai2301 – (Home Page)
Ethnographic Materials ML – (Home Page)
Travelspinner  Blog – (Trot On)

…………and the Winner IS

(link to entire blog)


imaginationBest Use of All Mediums

and the nominees are….
Jane Dougherty Writes
Moonside/Triumph of Spirit in Love, Nature & Art
Primal Nights / My Ongoing Affair and Obsession
Ricky Dutch Foundation – Central Hub for Media Entertainment
Diattaart Blog

…….and the Winner IS

Set Designed by International Photographer Leah Olson


Crystal for awardsGood evening everyone, My name is Crystalkay Farrington and I have the pleasure and  honor of working with my uncle in producing the promotional videos.  As most of you are aware, my uncle is passionate about the plight of our still suffering Veteran soldiers. The number of Veteran homeless and suicide rates are simply out of control. In your communities find out how you can help. They don’t simply deserve it, they earned it.

From Kendall F. Person’s The Hypocrisy of War, here is Hussul, P-Shaw & Mulaarie with Out Da Struggle.

imagination           Best Humor/Comedy Post or Blog

and the nominees are….
Subpar Co-star – (Social Media)
Bending News Inc. – (Sports are Gay)
Confessions of the Socially Inept – (What is Sports?)
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times – (Home Page)
The Curse of Future Tom – (There’s Some Kind of Blogosphere in Here)

……..and the Winner IS

imagination      Best Blog-Magazine

and the nominees are….
Scholars & Rogues
Climate Connections
harlem world

………and the Winner IS


Kendall awards (1)Hope you are enjoying the show and taking the time to relax and absorb the performances and the winning posts. Remember where you are. A slight breeze blew in from the ocean, and has brought a little chill. But you are still warm and safe, as tiki torches are being lighted all around the pavilion, giving the stage a true island feel.

And with that, it is a pleasure to introduce to you, from Cartegan, Spain, with their unique and distinct sound S’ENS performing Blues Soul.


pshawMy name is James Pattishaw, but I think most of you know me as P-Shaw. I want to thank you all so much for your time, your true opinion, and support of not only Kendall, but myself and the P – Shaw Productions company as well. We see the growth in us as artist because of the love and support we so greatly feel. Matching a story board with cinematic music allows the audience to travel with us, as you  understand exactly where the writer and artist are trying to go. We cannot make it in this business without you. You all mean so much to us. Thank You.

imagination  Best Short/Long Story Blog

and the nominees are…..
Andrew Gallix – (Fifty Shades of Grey Matter)
James Fant Books – (Vapor)
The Johnny Appledseed Project – (Home Page)
Little Blonde Lionheart – (A Slightly Curious Post)
Through the Looking Glass – “As the Ghetto Turns” Episode 2
Poison and Ambrosia – (Home Page)

……..and the Winner IS

imaginationBest Healing/Inspirational Blog or Post

and the nominees are…..
life as a widower – (Home Page)
My Gay Mom – (Bipolar Archives, Suicidal Ideation)
Monochromatic Me – (All My Fault)
LScott Poetry – (Home Page)
advocatemmmohan aksharaalu – (Home Page)

…….and the Winner IS

World Premiere

imagination Best Rants/Musings Blog or Post

and the nominees are…..
ramblings of a supposed disease free mind – (When will this end)
Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind… – (Conversations with Her: Confessions.)
The Rebel Marketeer – (Where is My Liberal India)
Shanzida’s Diary – (A Trip To Bangladesh)
Uncharted Journey’s of a Lost Girl – (Day 85: Write a letter to my past self)
My Blog About Your Blog
Tigress00Eyes – Diary Entries of My Life’s Experiences

……and the Winner IS


Kendall awards (1)Thank you Everyone, that will conclude our show for the evening.
We hope you have as much fun imagining this event, as we did imagining for each and everyone of you.

Much Success and Much Peace. We love you all.

P-Shaw, would you do me the honors and take us home….

Thepublicblogger Awards presented by Kendall F. Person and the re-Release of An Angry World  available everywhere @ Amazon Kindle. (Download FREE Kindle reading apps here)

Special thanks to our very special guests, S’ENSLeah Olson and Drumma Battalion
Thank you for sticking with your Uncle, Miss Crystalkay Fairrington.
To P-Shaw, TheAlien321, Gabrielle Elisa, Pretty E. and the entire P-Shaw Productions Family, it has been my pleasure to work with artists as talented and brilliant as you.

more fireworks


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  3. Kendall, great job. You have such a variety on your blog. Can you tell me about your Donate button? Can I get one of those or do I need to be a non-profit? Not that anyone would donate but I’m curious, Curious George. Lol.


    • Hello gardenlilie – My apologies. You asked me this question before and I thought I responded. All of the information is available at paypal, including a link to the WordPress donate buttons. Much success, my dear friend.

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  4. And this is why I LOVE your blog, neighborhood, and presentations Kendall!! I do always feel like I have been ‘somewhere’ and as you know, that is very helpful for me being in battle with depression and agoraphobia. I was truly blessed by our Father when he brought us to know one another. So, thank you for all you do for so many wonderful artists.

    I know they appreciate you too! And I just love me some P-Shaw! very talented XOXO Now I need to go listen to the music!

    Many Blessings,
    *Catherine* XOXO 🙂

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      • Well, I mean every word. 🙂
        Your a “One of a Kind Gem” XO *Cat*


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