Sophia Danenberg

Sophia Danenberg, Mt Everest Summit 2006

For the precious few that reach the summit of Mount Everest – an unforgiving climb with a peak that juts toward the sky, some 5 1/2 miles high, offers a mental, physical and spiritual test of self in which by way of avalanche, heart attacks, exposure, brain hemorrhaging and falling, nearly 300 mountaineers did not pass. But for the 2500 summiters, from 101 nations around the globe, that reached the pinnacle of their obsession, were able to quench their passion and accomplished their mission, become a part of a rare global community, whose mission inspires us all.

On May 19, 2006 at 2 o’clock in the morning, Sophia Danenberg, with two witnesses on hand, battling a storm and with frostbite setting in – became the first African American (man or woman) to conquer Mount Everest… and she did so alone.


The Neighborhood’s 2014 Song of the Year nominee…
Tell Em That by Rashad Neutch ft Kev Webb


Birth of Global Communities,
Breakthrough for Average Soul
by Kendall F. Person

Sometime in early 2013, the not quite yet understood term a global community, probably offered variations on a single definition, and may have been used interchangeably with the phrase: Corporate Governance: a marketing mainstay, that describes a company’s relationship between investors, employees, customers and the communities in which they are located. For behemoths like Walmart, employer of 2.2 million people in 28 countries, at 11,718 locations; and with thousands of independent contractors and smaller companies, dependent upon their ability to generate over a billion dollars per year, their cultural influence in how they connect and are viewed by citizens of the world, cannot be understated.

(Secret detention centers have no place is the US, Boston Globe: June 5, 2018)

Telephones, airplanes and study abroad programs had existed and been utilized for decades, in conducting business and making pen pal style friends. While the internet has been booming for much longer, around 5 1/2 years ago, is when everything – technology, sociology, geography, creativity, curiosity and capitalism became much more comprehensible for the average soul. The genres within technology and the takeover of social media, all began to coalesce for a techno savvy generation. And right before our eyes, society had moved online, and  global communites were formed.

A boom in imagination; an uptick in desire for personal popularity and the individual pursuit of more money and power, and the need to be a part of something, created online communities like DeviantArt and Goodreads, whose early loyalist, were bonded – not by nationality or religion – but craft.

Black Globe

Black Globe by qimono



It is my vision for The Neighborhood to become an international destination for entertainment, for discussion, for discovery, for intrigue and most importantly, for peace. An all inclusive platform, a thought-provoking arena and imaginative collaborative for recording, visual and written-word artists and the followers would become our neighbors. – Kendall F. Person, Dear thepublicblogger,  AUG 20, 2014


Mount Everest

climbing Mount Everest in reality and relationships

The understanding that the world was much smaller than we had believed, yet much bigger than the familiar, was a breakthrough for the average soul. It instilled courage to pursue goals and left the curiosity unguarded by our traditional defenses. The unstoppable forward movement, led by a new frontier of visionaries, demonstrated the global community was whatever we imagined it to be. And perhaps, for the first time we believed the summit was in reach; and one day we too could conquer Mount Everest. 

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