Colorless: An Artists Collaborative of Unconditional Love

Colorless: An Artists Collaborative of Unconditional Love

{press play}


People don’t understand.
You only get one chance at real love.
Unconditional love.


One that doesn’t require flowers on Valentine’s Day
or a back rub at night.


One that you don’t have to do anything
to it or for it.
It’s just always there.


You only get one
and it doesn’t matter if you lose it,


as long as you know it’s always there.
– excerpt from Capturing Spring


The Neighborhood is an all-inclusive place of peace.

49 Comments on “Colorless: An Artists Collaborative of Unconditional Love

  1. This was Dope, Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog and following me. I’m new to blogging in fact that was my very first post and I’m only a few days in. Coming to your page makes me really excited about my future in blogging. I look forward to finding more great pages like this one. Keep up the great work. Thank you again.


    • No, they are from completely separate photographers. Clicking on an individual photograph will take you to their place of origin. Usually, on a collaboration such as this, I go with one visual artist and list them in the credits (True Story, The Remembrance, Touch the Sky) but did it a little differently this time since I wrote the words. Thank you for your question and for adding your voice.


  2. For some reason colourless as a title doesn’t seem to fit: there is much colour (as I understand it in French) in these pictures. And nuances for all that they represent unconditional love… as if in any form it could take: happiness, complicity, tenderness. I can’t listen to the music yet but the visual is absolutely gorgeous.


  3. It is really very beautiful and the pictures are one of a kind. So far from the superficiality related to love these days, just simple and straight to heart. Only one word to describe it BEAUTIFUL.


  4. I love the black and white concept. That was a good move. Your words were true and strong. Nice story line with the pictures.


  5. Real love never dies, and can conquer anything that is thrown its way. The False Reality Of Martin will be available in all major retailers next week. I would appreciate if you could pick up a copy and give me a review. Much respect.


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