Man on a Mission…. to change lives

Knowing that even through the struggles,
life is a gift and our life matters,
and each one of us can make a contribution,
no matter our stature and despite our imperfections.
– Kendall F. Person, Violence

man on a mission

People’s Hearing on Prisons

 Quest for Peace entry Six {QP6}

On a typical trip around social media I came across a video on Facebook, shared by one of our resident artist, Nafiys Walters of Philadelphia. With so many wonderful (and not so wonderful) music and videos, that are shared, I am certain I miss more than I hear. But I did watch this one and I am glad I did, for I met an ordinary man attempting to accomplish the .extraordinary. Michael OG Law hails from the City of Brotherly Love. We have only had a brief chat, so his history I am still learning, but there is something about his passion that connected on a very humanitarian level.

Over the next few months, we will follow Mr. Law and his 7 year old son, as they have embarked on a journey across America on the Fighting Hate With Love Tour. He believes people operate much like a computer and that troubled young men  have been infected with a virus that exposes danger and shuns love. The Fight Hate With Love Tour is on a mission to rid our troubled neighborhoods of the violence, correcting natures balance with God’s love and new mental hardware in the process. Armed with a 25 foot banner, a makeshift portable jail cell  – that is literally being built along the way – support of his loving wife and Chief Executive of the Foundation, Gwen back in Philadelphia, and an ironclad or foolish ambition or calling or destiny he is determined to fulfill. The hopes of thousands of young men, who have no idea he is dedicating his life to them, may depend on it.

man on mission

banner and mock cell

Mr. Law, his son and a supporter at last check were leaving Brooklyn on their way to Queens. The entire trip is being funded through the kindness of strangers who meet them on the streets and are proud to contribute to this extraordinary odyssey of peace. The funds pay for food, gas, completion of the mobile jail cell and some technology to help communicate better. Currently, we are in touch only by phone. As we learn more about Mr. Law, The Neighborhood will assist them in raising funds, but for now, we  will deliver periodic updates, that we hope and pray are full of success, safety and good cheer (although we would like to get Mr. Law a smartphone or tablet now, so that we may video conference with him on the trail).  But if you are in Queens and you would like to view first hand this historic caravan of change via ‘reprogramming with love and words, please send an email to and/or watch for periodic updates in the sidebar.

Good luck Michael OG Law Ta’Bon. The Neighborhood is rooting for you and we are here if you need us.

Next City: Chicago, August 25th.

– Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Fight Hate With Love Tour, Fox29 (myfoxphilly)

The Neighborhood supports Leaf Society in Namakkal, India, Don’t Shoot in Philadelphia, The Arts everywhere and while there is a strong need to seek sponsors, we will start our campaign to raise funds for Season Four soon. Does not open until February 2015, but it is mind-blowing. How do we know…..because it has not been invented yet.

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11 Comments on “Man on a Mission…. to change lives

  1. Amazing! Sometimes it only takes ONE person to do what many have tried to accomplish. I’m hoping for to hear great stories of success!!


  2. That sounds awesome. Hope they get a chance to come by Detroit. People here are trying so hard. Extra support would be great.


  3. My Respect to Mr. Michael, man on a mission.
    if we want a healthy mind then we have to do is provide good food for our mind. The food is good as reading the book useful, entertaining listening to music, recreation, harmonious family atmosphere


  4. I really like the idea that we’re computers infected with a virus. We’re often told our brains are nothing more than extremely complex computers–so why wouldn’t this be plausible? I know I’m thinking in literal terms, but I’m intrigued by the concept. I’m so glad Michael is trying to find a “vaccination” for what ails us.


  5. This is the first article on me that made me cry. I am Michael “OG-L.A.W.” Ta’Bon. First I can’t believe that a man so far away overstands the mission when those closest to me think i am crazy. Second, i never slowed down to understand what God has me doing myself. Today, in the midst of all the struggle to bring this cure to heal some of the worlds ills, I am God motivated thru self. We will not lose this fight, Love will prevail. Believe.

    If you would like to have a free download of the theme song for the movement, sung by Gwen PhilaDiva Jackson, Sean Ballad and myself, feel free and spread the word! FHWL!
    I know you don’t know me yet, but hey world, the whole world, white, black, red, brown and all in between, I love yall anyway!
    G-L.A.W. As we go about our adult business, let us never forget to consider the children.


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