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Unexplained Phenomena

There exist phenomena that we cannot explain, as well as, phenomena we should not have to explain.

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The Blog

The Underground's Biggest Stage

A mix of old and new, Season V is now in full bloom.

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In 2002 American Idol Introduced A New TV Genre, In 2015 #AStarisBorn Goes From Blog to Facebook now LIVE

Entertainment History

American Idol not only became a Pop Cultural icon, but it introduced a brand new genre

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How Flower, Celonacharles & James Won or Lost ‘The Lives We Live’ the 1st Reality Show in a Blog

2 Against 1

The final episode of ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show, delivers a clear and decisive Winner in a brilliantly and highly-entertaining game.

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‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – HEROES: Series Finale

Series Finale The Lives We Live

Day One of the 2-Day Series Finale ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show. Voting Booth at end of show (bottom of post)

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