In 2002 American Idol Introduced A New TV Genre, In 2015 #AStarisBorn Goes From Blog to Facebook now LIVE





The Lives We Live
Cast of The Lives We Live the First Reality Show in a Blog



Online Reality Show Creator – A Star is Born – Expands Battle Field
for The Finals Utilizing Google Technology


When Kelly Clarkson was crowned winner of Season One of American Idol, way back in 2002, it did not simply create a hit show, but it introduced a completely new genre of televised entertainment. Idol would skyrocket in both ratings and pop culture. Kelly Clarkson would become one of the biggest recording artists in the country, and it held such staying power that a long line would follow.



2nd Reality Show on Blog/Facebook stages, but A Star is Born, is the first to go LIVE

EntSun News Sunday DEC 26, 2015

A Star is Born, creator Kendall F. Person’s follow-up to the imaginative hit blog post ‘The Lives We Live’ made has no chance of reaching the stratospheric heights of Idol, it does not have to, to be considered groundbreaking and an original source of online entertainment, that had not existed, anywhere, on any level in any source close to a blog/social media union before Person imagined and The Neighborhood at brought it to life.

Every Sunday at 7:00 PM PST, thousands pour in to view the artists in different challenges or performances. For many, viral is the only recognizable term and millions the only measure of success. But with hundreds of television viewing choices and hundreds of millions of blogs (65 million at WordPress alone) and a billion users on Facebook, bringing in over 12,000 Facebook referrals alone, with absolutely no media mentions and a marketing budget so miniscule,  it is never mentioned.

But The Neighborhood is not just a source of Reality enjoyment, it is a collaborative of underground and indie artists – world over – who are revolutionizing The Arts and Collaborations and making history in the development of non-existent entertainment.

Nominated from an expansive pool, eleven Artists in varying genres, on October 13 would begin a quest. Two and half months and 8 Rounds later, A Star is Born has wound its way to The Final Two. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia: a 43 year old Poet from a suburb of Los Angeles versus a 19 year old Mommy Blogger from the small town of Lahoma OK – who shocked the viewing audience, when she outplayed the front runner, securing a spot in The Finals. And now, Rebecca Lemke supported by her husband, Thomas – tries to secure her place in history, like Clarkson . But she will have to get passed Chio Smith, as this brother-sister duo, form a powerhouse team together. 

Utilizing Google technology Hangouts, Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger has officially turned a blog post… into a televised event.


Oscar & Rebecca: The Final Two
The Allies
Chio Smith, his sister and Thomas Lemke, her husband: The Allies




VOTING BOOTH OPENS @ 7:30 PM PST/10 EST with curtain rising on Final Stage Performance at 7:45 PM PST/9:45 CST/10:45 EST



  1. […] A Star is Born would be an underground monster. A collaborative of 33 Artists supported the production, while 12 exceptionally talented entertainers vied for the title of Best Performance of the Year, on the underground’s biggest stage. When the 3 month engagement ended, thousands had become addicted. Who is The Sexiest Man? started slowly, wedged between the ‘Star’ come down and the build up for The MIND + GAME Show. A committee of 5 women and 2 men were given the photos of 100 male underground and indie artists, of all genres, that had made at least one appearance on The Neighborhood stage. 100 was reduced to 35 and via a private poll sent to 250 women social media users, further reduced the field to 21, with only a number and photograph to consider. Through expected attrition, when Round One: THE INTRODUCTIONS rolled around, 12 Men would take to the stage. Four were eliminated, including the top 3 ranked numbers, as voters would set the tone, that sexy to them, was more than a pretty face. And while it was a mild surprise, the first shocker would arrive in Round 2. Poetry Night, when all but one of the recording artists, all rappers, was wiped out, by their own inability to produce a poem. […]


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