Unexplained Phenomena

I wish I couild tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too. I was told I was beautiful, but what does that mean to you. –  UNPRETTY by TLC


from 2008, TLC with UNPRETTY




written & edited by Kendall F. Person


We are not talking about the coming of age years when a boy’s self-confidence is as fragile or more so than a girls’, for it is a well documented fact, that girls mature at an earlier age. We are not speaking of the transition into manhood, when young men beat their chests in an attempt to be treated like a man, yet still wet behind the ears. We are not reminiscing about a drunken bachelors party, when male bonding traditions often make it rain. But even then, the women dancers are respected irregardless of their current profession. We are not replaying a joke told by a comedian as part of a routine, that was only funny in context, nor rehashing a one liner from a movie, that portrays the villain or advances the plot. We are not on the subject of the Taliban or any other regime that defines women as less than leaders or equals or nurturers of society or President of a Nation.


 Link to video, apology and synopsis of story


Woman by Morre Christophe

As full grown men in our 50s & 60s, with wives or sisters and mothers and nieces and daughters or believers in equality and justice and liberation and freedom, not even in locker rooms or on poker night or during business trips  does man  – as a whole or even on the average – talk woman in such sexual abstract possessive dominance. If we did, the hypocrisy of “who in the hell do we think we are” would gnaw at us every time we offer wisdom to our sons or nephews or young men of any demographic, struggling to find meaning or are challenged with respect  – both giving and receiving – or lacking role models in the immediate circumference of their worlds — for it would wreak havoc on our consciousness. And even if no one knew, it would be an unexplained and unnecessary internal burden of shame to carry and blight on our contribution and legacy as we move toward the twilight years.




In 1725, in Rheims, France, an innkeeper would began a frantic search for his bride. Having covered the grounds as completely as he could, Nicole Millet – his wife – seemingly vanished without a trace. He would go on to face murder charges for the death of his wife. The courts finding him guilty, to some, only because there was no other explanation. But he would file a successful appeal, that would clear his given name, and depending upon our acceptance of the beginning of life, the appeals court either acted illogically, or we accept the courts final opinion, which cites the cause of death as a visitation from God. 


photo by Anthony Delanoix

It is quite understandable how the remains of Nicole Millet’s body could have been overlooked, even though they rested on a chair, in plain site of all who searched. The Inn was intact. No signs of flames, inside or out. The room where her charred remains were discovered, was clear of any dark soot or smoke. Even the chair in which she had sat, was un-scorched by the inferno that engulfed her.

Differing accounts exists, but even if you are a skeptic or accept a scientific explanation, Nicole Millet’s demise, was not a singular occurrence. It is known as spontaneous human combustion, an inferno implodes within the body, burning it to ashes from the inside out. And while arguments are made on both sides of the aisle, the power of a deity versus a medical device; how the human body could, without warning or a catalyst to set it off, simply bursts into flames, is a phenomena that remains unsolved.


Hypnotism is trespass into the territory of another’s consciousness. Its temporary phenomena have nothing in common with the miracles preformed by men  [and women] of divine realization. –  Paramahansa Yogananda 



From the nation’s largest newspapers, to Evangelical leaders, from the military brass to Presidentscurrent and Presidents past to all demographics: White, Black, Latino and Asian. Men & Women: handicapped, blue collar  PhD and  LGBTQ. From Veterans and the active duty, to believers in democracy with an allegiance to the red, white & blue: shall we unite behind Her as one nation with dignity and strength and prevent an unexplained phenomena of a Trump Presidency.
— thepublicblogger 
*Combustion – The Lives We Live a reality Show 4th Dismissal


  1. Trump is still in this campaign because of the deplorable state of our press, which is
    subverted by decades of GOP deregulation and abuse of the First Amendment.

    I don’t know how a Court of supposedly rational men and women decided that our press is not required to tell the truth, but it isn’t.

    I now read that these Trump tapes were in the possession of the press before the primaries, when the political process is supposed to weed out a man like Trump.

    If this is true then it means that Trumps nomination is a direct consequence of corporate
    greed and media corruption.

    Even now, 48 hours later, Trump’s failings are described by most media as strategic.

    Will he turn it around in tonight’s debate?

    Will we as a people?

    Who will clean this stain on the Republic?

    No one will talk about the Trump tapes as evidence that give credibility to a decade old accusation that he raped a woman when she was 13 at a pedophile party in the 1990’s.

    The case was dismissed but re-filed on September 30 because the plaintiff has new

    This link is to Snopes which I consider a credible source, although the story was covered by the UK Guardian and New York Magazine.

    The plaintiff describes behaviors that Trump brags about on tape.

    I had dismissed this allegation as another false story because it seemed outlandish.

    GOP media scandal mongers so I assume democrats do it too.

    As soon as I heard the tapes I realized that Trump so objectifies the female body that a
    mature looking 13 year old would be just another young ‘piece of ass’.

    Three women have accused trump of rape and sexual harassment. One of them says he raped her when she was 13. We now have a tape in which Trump brags about abusing his
    power to assault women sexually.

    The fact that our press continues to treat Trump’s campaign as credible tells me
    that it will have its profit despite the damage it inflicts on our Democracy.

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