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“Everyone has a contribution to make. The size of the contribution is irrelevant, but to not make one, is a mistake. – Kendall F. Person


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Kendall F. Person

Ideas have a destiny too.

When the ball started rolling and the dominoes began to fall, I could see every nuance, every detail, now locked inside my mind. The unforced errors and 101 mistakes, in that last hour, would accumulate and snowball so swiftly, perhaps in the final moments, everyone knew that the fall of The Neighborhood was eminent, so my calls echoed, then faded away..

On Monday November 28, via thepublicblogger Facebook Page, what turned out to be the finale of The Search for COMMON GROUND  – was a fitting end to the search indeed, with the exception the star of the show missed his own parade.

by Wa’Derrious Sellors

Common ground is where everyone is one
Common ground is a place of serious matters, life, and fun
Common ground is a place where I can be myself
Common ground is where if i need answers they are willing to help
Common ground is a place of love peace and happiness
Common ground is place of anger creativity and madness
Common ground is place where different is ok
Common ground is place where everybody has a say
Common ground is a place of internal peace
Common ground is place that can travel to the hoods all the way to wall street
Common ground is something we all need
Common ground helps us gain knowledge and makes us all read.

For nearly four years, The Neighborhood would provide original, thought-provoking and socially conscious online entertainment. For those who could not imagine, it was just a highly-inventive blog. But for those who closed their eyes and clicked their heels, they had discovered Never Never Land, filled with one grand performance after another, staged by a collaborative of brilliant artists. Over 200 would lend their craft: singers, photographers, writers, activists and everyday people who longed to make a contribution to the story of us.  And to them, I will be forever grateful.

But The Neighborhood would become bigger than any one concept or idea. It would become a template, a model for a place where we all could be ourselves, yet engage with the others – the demographics, that we were suppose to hate. We have demonstrated that peace is possible, that love for all of mankind  exist, although we had to dive so much deeper than the surface where not everyone is willing to venture.

Rather it existed or not to a mainstreem world, is now moot, but The Neighborhood did to us, and to the multitudes  controlled by their imagination. Bittersweet it is, but we have forged a bond, that will never be broken. We have created something, that no one has before us. So  we decided to share what we found with the rest of the world in a noble, but ill-conceived search for common ground, for as it turned out in the end, we had found it four years ago.

On December 30, there will be one final show. But rather the thousands who followed, supported with words, watching from the sidelines, but refusing to donate even a single dollar, you are invited, but this one is not for you, as the lack of contributions played a part in bringing down the house. It is for the artists that gave of themselves. That made altruistic contributions of time, energy and art,  because they believed or knew or hoped to be a part of something different, something that may have existed only in our minds.

What will Kendall F. Person do now? I have no idea. For the past 4 years The Neighborhood has been my home, my life. I have given everything, and to the neighbors and artists that understand, it has been one of the greatest shows on earth.

But ideas have a fate too.

this is…. The Story within the Story: The Fall of The Neighborhood ed.

Kendall F. Person “KP”

The 2016 Season-ending Show
The End of the Story 
December 30 @ 6:00pm PST/9 EST
via Thepublicblogger Facebook Page

28 Comments on “BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE: Common Ground was Found, But THE NEIGHBORHOOD was Lost

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  4. It’s not as if the neighborhood doesn’t work as a community.

    but many of the artists here are barely scraping by (raises hand) so we may not be the best source of revenue.

    Kendall, you and I have discussed the idea of you organizing a team of professionals with one member of the team responsible for fundraising. You cannot produce content, direct shows, recruit and vet participants and deal with the intense DRAMA of marketing online performance art, advertising, integrating Facebook, Twitter and WordPress while promoting and monitoring an aggressive fundraising campaign to get the money to keep The Neighborhood going.

    I see this move as a sign that the Neighborhood has grown to the extent that organizing that
    team is now an imperative.

    It may well be that it is time for you to do other things, and that I can understand.

    But it’s a shame that we are losing the Neighborhood when a political collaborative of this kind
    is needed most.

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  5. Hang onto my email address, Kendall. Use if you’re ever come to Germany … or New Orleans … or wherever I am … because I will definitely email you if I’m in your area. Gary

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  6. Reblogged this on tenacitytdotcom and commented:
    This is an incredible man who has given me so much opportunity and I will be forever grateful for being a tiny part of what he’s done. Thank you Kendall. You will be missed but never forgotten. And I have your number so you can’t , HAHAHAHAHAHA! (GRINNING) I will miss your (BIG SMILE) Much love to you brother from another mother~MOOOAH!

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  7. Kendall, my friend, thanks to you — and to those who contributed — The Neighborhood has grown beyond the blog-o-sphere because of the artistry that has continued to build from within it. The hundreds of artists who have had the opportunity to be challenged and expressive are now taking what they have learned to the rest of the world. In that way, The Neighborhood hasn’t ended; its residents have merely expanded the “urban growth boundary” of art. None of this would have happened without your vision as a developer — not of concrete and steel that eventually crumble, but of ideas and inspiration that last for eternity.

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    • Thank you for that Douglas. Held 2 official fundraisers, one crowdfunding, explained the need during all community service events and donation button ever present. One big show left, and your financial support would be appreciated so much. But either way I your thoughts have made me smile today.

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