How Flower, Celonacharles & James Won or Lost ‘The Lives We Live’ the 1st Reality Show in a Blog

2 Against 1

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A true champion can adapt to anything.
– Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

from Chicago Illinois, AnewDuo with Give Him Praise

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It had always been about Flower, Celonacharles & James. Clifton & Marla would make a surprise attack in week 4, but could not sustain the momentum and the following week, were ushered out the door. Lance, who many thought would win, never found his bearings and would flop out in week 2. Martina made a strong surprise showing. Daring to reveal a hidden life, her story would attract viewers in numbers, that perhaps began to squirm. And Lil Ken had to fight for every vote, but quietly began building a life and career with new music, a new job and a new relationship to cap it all off.

Flower Crittenden would weave a story so personal, she would grip us to every word. Walking away from a challenged relationship, seemed like child’s play after she revealed the heartbreaking loss of her true love. In the end, I think voters found it uncomfortable to vote Flower as the winner of a game, but with all of our hearts, we are rooting for her happiness, and that would be the biggest win.

Flower Crittenden Out

It seems fitting that the final duel would come down to Celonacharles and James. Both scrappers, both performers, both carry the capability of becoming big-time names. But the main difference is that James is a seasoned veteran and Charles has just earned his wings, during the course of the competition he would graduate from grasshopper to a young knight, closer but still removed from the title he desperately wants: master of his craft. So who would win and who would gasp at the end?

Ladies & Gentlemen, it should come as no surprise,
that in the end…. the Veteran would school them all.

Celonacharles Okpere Iphy Out

James D. Foster Winner
James D. Foster of neopompeii would not only raise his game, week in and week out, he would play the chameleon with such brilliance, it is hard to believe that he was ever in danger, not a dig at anyone, but a compliment at the level of talent, ability and personality of this 1st ever Reality Show in a Blog. On behalf of The Neighborhood and a personal nod from Kendall F. Person….

Congratulations James D. Foster… for a history making Win.

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  3. Congratulations to all of the participants for showing courage, and grace and for providing an example of honest, constructive competition. Congratulations to Kendall F. Person for giving us one of the most interesting and decent online communities I’ve yet to find. You take this technology and use it to provide an antidote to what often feels like an endless stream
    of venomous narcissism.

    For doing this, you are a hero.

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  5. Woo-Hoo! Way to go James! – You Da Man!

    Beautiful reveal Kendall (for sure!)

    Boo-Hoo Charles 😦 Don’t you dare let the “Silver” discourage you in any way, shape, manner or form (you also “Da-Man!)

    Flower, Flower, Flower… what can I say? Please keep recording… you got da skills! (yes you too are “Da-Man”) 😀

    This has been some of the best blogging I have consumed in, I don’t know how long…
    It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone associated with this project…

    There is still hope for cyberspace thanks to TheNeighborhood! 😉

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    • (gigantic smile) You have added to the tension and delight like only the best commentators can. Thank you Michael for your unyielding support and love of The Neighborhood.

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  6. An amazing effort by you and your staff Kendall!!! Also all who participated, especially Charles and Flower! This really took me out of my comfort zone on so many levels, so that was the real fun of it no matter the end result. And also a shout-out to H-Y Loco for getting moi through Round 4 with ‘Party People!’ And not to forget Infinityremote, for all his insightful support and words he shared with all of us!

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    • This was, I believe, a good time had by all. To have this level of success is a testament, to so many factors, but mostly, fans like yourself, who supported not just an individual, but the show as a whole. Thank you Amanda.

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