Review: 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards Categories & Nominees


The Neighborhood is excited to announce the nominees in 7 categories  for the 2013 Season-ending Show: Thepublicblogger Awards. All winners will be announced live on New Year’s Eve at Thepublicblogger Awards Show, and with special guest performers, a few surprises up our sleeves, the first and only online, blogger award ceremony promises to be electrifying.

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Categories and Link to Nominees 

Song of the Year ………. nominees listed  here
Best Self-Help blog or post……. nominees listed here
Best Short/Long Story post… nominees listed here
Best Poetry/Spiritual Healing blog or post……. nominees listed here
Best Visual Art piece……. nominees listed here
Best Humor/Comics blog or post …..nominees listed here
Best Performance by a Blogger …… nominees listed here

View the Inaugural Thepublicblogger Award Show here
a Celebration of Community

47 Comments on “Review: 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards Categories & Nominees

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  3. Really love the idea behind this, Kendall. There are so many terrific bloggers out there, and anything that recognizes them and helps more people find and appreciate them is a wonderful thing. Looking forward to the event, and am happy to see some of the bloggers I follow on the list. Well done!


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  6. Thanks for visiting Deathless Prose. How wonderful, to create a community here. I look forward to dropping in, for company, from time to time.


  7. What a great idea! I’m starting to read some of your nominees and look forward to the awards being given. I’m glad you first followed me or I wouldn’t have been following you, thanks, and keep up your enthusiasm for posting this great blog. It’s a lot of work, isn’t it?


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    • Thank you for adding your voice. As The Neighborhood begins preparing for the season ending show, knowing that neighbors and visitors alike are excited about the celebration, means so very much. Thank you again and welcome to the neighborhood. So glad you are here.


  13. I’d love for my blog (thehorrorguide) to be considered, but I don’t really fit in any of the categories too well. I love the idea though! =)


  14. I do hope there is space for one more for a certain “writer’s category” since you just found me recently, along with my story: Diaries of a Dying Star
    Thanks for liking that by the way. I’ve been in front of my computer for some time, thinking I was doing nothing but talking to the wind on cyberspace.


    • I sent you a personal reply, which I hope you have received. But I thought it was important to respond to your inquiry in the neighborhood as well. The success of the inaugural award show led to the decision to make it an annual affair. It is a goal to one consider all bloggers in the blogosphere. While we are taking steps upward, still one step at a time. This nominating process of this award show is inclusive of WordPress bloggers. Thank you so much for your inquiry and demonstrating that the neighborhood is breaking new ground. Perhaps in 2014, I will be singing an entirely different song. Hope you enjoyed your visit and please come again.


  15. Thanks for recently following my blog. I’m new to this arena. I’m glad to have a voice and someone to listen. 🙂


  16. Geesh! I am so new to blogging and it took me a while to become more settle in this “world”. I think what you are doing with these awards are so special. Perhaps a newcomer of the year blogger category? (hint hint) 🙂


  17. This is brilliant! Everyone deserves a chance to be appreciated, especially when they’re doing something as amazing as spreading their love through words, art, music and poetry. I can’t wait for this 🙂


    • Thank you omaro2266 for your interest and question. All WordPress blogs are potentially under consideration, yours included. With the success of the inaugural event, and the early excitement and enthusiasm for the Season ending Award Show, I will go into further detail about the event and nominations in the September edition of the knowledge bowl. Welcome to the neighborhood omaro2266 and all the best within your blogging community.


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