T- 8 hours and counting till the Season-Ending Show

{press play}

thousands of beautiful blogs,  50 nominees, 7 categories,

Visual Art Piece
Short/Long Story
Poetry/Spiritual Healing

may I have the envelope please……”

8 hours – the countdown is on…..   The 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards  

***the season-ending show***

debuts December 30th

20 Comments on “T- 8 hours and counting till the Season-Ending Show

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  2. I am speechless and honored. Thank you so much just for the nomination. I am honored to even be among the blogs that are nominated with me! What an amazing thing to be a part of!


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  7. Hello, I wonder if it’s possible to vote for your favourite? A naive question, but I do want to ask.


    • That is a great question. Not naive in the slightest, and as the awards continue to grow, that may be a future possibility. This year, however, the criteria has been set, and the envelopes will soon be sealed. But feel free to add your voice to whatever forum your favorite(s) is in and visit them at their blogs and give them a shoutout. I know they will be thrilled to hear you are rooting for them. Thank you for adding your voice, your non-naive question adds to the excitement that is building in the air. You are appreciated.


    • Jamborobyn – always a pleasure.Season-ending Show will debut @ 12:01 a.m. 12/31/2013 Wellington, New Zealand time. Don’t worry about syncing with my time zone. A few days prior, I will post an International time zone map. Your enthusiasm is embraced.


      • Thanks, NZ time makes it very easy for me. I really liked your trailer – could you tell? – I kind of posted it everywhere.


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    • Luke – Nomination consideration closed October 31st and the nominees have all been set. We hope you make it to the event, and look forward to getting to know your community in the upcoming year. Thank you for adding your voice and welcome to the neighborhood. So glad you are here.


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