the 2013 Nominees – Best Performance by a Blogger

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The Plight of a Powerless Consciousness 
I’m far from my peek of consciousness;
I’m just breaking into this game.
But I have some advice for the novices
like me, that are starting to feel the same.
Like there’s an emptiness in your existence,
and a bountiful source of sadness.
You want to fight these emotions through resistance,
but powerlessness and consciousness drive you to madness.
Like breathing seems just a little more futile,
as if pieces of you break off with each exhale.
In your despair you find little worthwhile,
afraid to move, feeling that to move is to fail.
In each of these moments I go back to my center,
that place that enables me to shamelessly feel.
To paint, dance, cry, or sing is my mentor.
All thoughts are stopped. In that moment, I heal.
There, the wills of the cowardly, though strong
cannot disrupt my internal connection,
and in those crucial moments I realize all along,
that when I create I am in my place of protection.
They cannot make me hate myself, or feel alone.
They can only spew hatred and lies about the body I borrow,
Even then, when others believe them and the lies they condone,
I will write. And my freedom will rise from what was once sorrow.
Crystalkay Fairrington, Wake the Public

the 2013 Nominees – Best Performance by a Blogger


Welcome to The Neighborhood. My name is Jane Dougherty of Bordeaux, France, with roots from Ireland.  As the proud winner of Best Mixed Media blog, for Jane Dougherty Writes, at the inaugural Thepublicblogger Awards,  I am honored to present the 2013 Nominees for Best Performance by a Blogger.

and the nominees are….
The power of art lies in its ability to tell a story, and draw us inside its world, without ever saying a word.  From the blog Silent Ambiance  the nominated post is ART – Ka-Son
We anticipate photographs of  beautiful scenery, and fun stories of the time had while vacationing. But how often do we discover travel posts, that double as a fascinating history lesson dating back to the 4th century. From the blog A Love Letter from Rome the nominated post is a walk through the ancient porta san sebastiano on the grand old tour.
Discovering an artist that energizes or draws emotion, lends itself to wanting to share. And incorporating a find, into an original posts, evolves into a resemblance of a production.  From the blog Diary of a Crazy Awesome Person the nominated post is The Art of Being Alone.
There exist a simple elegance in literature. It makes one stop, not simply slow down, and listen for the hidden nuances, requiring our undivided attention. From the blog  Fugitive Fragments the nominated post is Hawthorn Haiku.
Poetry in motion, refers not simply to its drummer’s beat style cantation, but in its ability to play tricks on the mind, to give the allusion that you are moving along with the pace and meaning of the rhyme. From the blog The Last Zombie the nominated post is “Me”.
Photography is greatness. It captures moments in time, in an unscripted focus, with, generally, a transparent message. Sometimes the visual itself, stirs debate, as to what really is happening in the picture we see. From the blog Svakodnevne Fotografije iz Komize the nominated post is Komiza Every Day
There belies a level of brilliance in not understanding, we are telling a story, even in a blog considered a rant. But writers cannot hide, and all eventually realize, that words should inspire, and the rants are  just part of the show.  From the blog Crazy Life the nominated post is Remember me? Screw that.
Winners of all 7 categories announced
@ Thepubliclbogger Awards 
The Neighborhoods One Year Anniversary Celebration
New Year’s Eve
Only @ Where writing is a performance art and every post is a show.
Welcome to the Neighborhood
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23 Comments on “the 2013 Nominees – Best Performance by a Blogger

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  2. I have to say that I’m thrilled to be a nominee, and I’m looking forward to what is to come in the near future! Lots of love,

    – TLZ


  3. Hi Kendall, I don’t even know if you remember me, though you followed a long while back. I’m so happy for your success. It’s funny bc I’ve been exploring the topic myself in my current series on GREATNESS (interviewed OM in parts 2 and 3 to the delight of both our readers). You’ve brought so much inspiration to so many. Maybe I’ll catch the next boat. Feel free to delete this part of the comment: I doubt you’ll adjust your template at this “single word” but the white ink on black backdrop is quite hard to read. I know you’d like to make your site user-friendly for the large audience you have. The black is a bit of an eye strainer. In any case, cheerleading your way.

    Holistic Wayfarer


    • Thank you for checking back in and your very kind well-wishes. I attempted to change the color scheme, but they simply do not send to work on this theme. I am in the process of selecting a theme and hope to have it up shortly. Your absolute enjoyment and interest is very important to The Neighborhood. And I welcome suggestions to make your viewing pleasure greater. Thank you for being an early supporter. I am only still here because of you.


      • When was The Neighborhood born? Since you’re open, yes, that black makes it awfully hard to read all your material. Also for the small font. My eyes aren’t terrible and I have to squint. Just my honest 2 cents. When I find this to be the case on other blogs, I move on because there are so many more reader-friendly sites out there. This is NOT said negatively! I speak with nothing but respect. I thought you might want to consider this before your year-end blow-out.

        I know you hardly have the time as a power blogger, but whenever you can manage a revisit since it’s been a while, you are welcome to clue me in on what type of posts I’ve put up might work well exactly where or when (next) on your blog. But no obligation.

        I’ve only meant to be helpful, else I wouldn’t have spent the time.

        H Wayfarer


        • No worries. >> I started blogging in August 2012 @ blogger (Google’s blogging platform) with 3 separate blogs (only because I thought each post was a blog). Became a little more savvy, combined the 3 into one and made the move to WordPress and The Neighborhood was born. >> I will stop in for a visit @ a holistic journey shortly. I do apologize for being a stranger. Happy Holidays.


  4. The space above is the loss of words for what I’ve just found. THIS IS a template for aural-litur-awe-tour that may be the next “teaching tool”.



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  6. hello Kendall, it makes me glad to see people beginning to open their minds to a higher reality. if you would ever like to have a discussion about anything just hit me up brother, id love to help any and all in the lovely walk of a realized life. May love forever guide your path 🙂 I would like to learn from you as well, do not mistake the laws of attraction for coincidence, my familiar


  7. Choosing just seven blogs out of the hundreds we looked at was a difficult job. There are so many good things out there, so many bloggers posting interesting, heartfelt, informative, inspirational, poetic, lyrical, magical material, I feel proud to be a part of it all.


  8. What a great introduction and what a great presentation. Very professional.
    Good luck everybody.


  9. Always good to know that good blogs and postings are read and appreciated. The internet is such a great place to get your views and words recorded. Bravo.


  10. Wow, I am truly honored to be among this list. I fell in love with the other blogs, they’re so Awesome! Thank you again for the nomination, it’s a perfect token that reminded me every single act counts.. every find, every share, every post is part of a bigger picture… so again, thank you. Keep shining!


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