How 16 Sexy Numbers, Are Changing our World


“There is a significance to all of these talented men, from around the world, meeting in a place called The Neighborhood. That’s why I’ll be watching.” – Marguerite Rodriguez

pound100 Men, by committee, chopped down to 35 and via a private/public poll, 21 numbers survived. Through attrition and by way of nerves that cracked, 6 more numbers would wash out. From 9 countries on 4 continents, from 17 years old to 50-something: a trio of writers, a geek,  4 photographers, a music composer, 3 rappers and  an activist lawyer, is all I will tell you for now. Brought together under a creative bond, also known as The Arts. While most have never met,  yet without knowing or understanding, they are all a part of the same story, as each of them, through a contribution of their art, lives together in a place known simply as The Neighborhood.

May 8 – 11, get to know the men behind the numbers, in an original collaborative engagement, on the underground’s biggest stage for Round one: The Introductions. Through prose, music and the visual arts, under the spotlight, they will showcase their talent or inspire us with their thoughts, but they also are charged with bringing sexy back. 

Who is The Sexiest Number? – The Question

How they introduce themselves, will in fact be their performance. But one question, they must answer, delivered by Lisa Troedson via the audio below:

There is indeed a significance, to these and the other nearly 200 artists, that have passed through here. We are no longer moving online, society has lived there for years and the transformation is being fueled,  not by the technology industry alone, but by everyday people, many of whom are artists. They may not have considered, they are pioneers or astronauts, (as one young blogger puts it:  Charlie the Astronaut ) in a changing world, Human interaction, must not be lost or sacrificed, and social courtesies should be elevated, not accepted when lost (a  thumps up is not hello). Working together, and communicating not like robots or strangers, but as friends. As men. And believing the imagination, is not a childlike pursuit, but a living, breathing part of us. that helps to keep us human: is changing the (online) world, in ways we have yet to quantify or imagine.The Introductions

Discover, the talent and social consciousness, behind the sexy number. Enjoy The Introductions and do not forget to vote after each show, for once the votes are tallied, half of the numbers will be sent home.

Begins May 8th

Who is The Sexiest Number?
thepublicblogger’s 3rd social media/blog based Reality  Show.

created & produced by Kendall F. Person
– thepublicblogger on behalf of The Neighborhood Artists

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