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Inspiration & Hope Stage – ‘Somedays’ *a World Premiere* by IvySoul Robinson,


Music can lift the spirits even in our darkest hour. It causes reflection and an appreciation of life. From the singer/songwriter team of My Heart, a new song of inspiration and hope.

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The Neighborhood Kick-Off Party South Beach Stage: featuring Childs

South Beach Stage

Staying power may be the most difficult of all task in the industry of recording arts. But Childs has been paid his dues to the underground, perhaps Show Me is where he’ll make his mark.

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Director Fran Daddy Brings a Song of Inspiration to Life

song of inspiration

a cameraman captures, a director imagines.

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Wishes & Dreams: An Artists Collaborative of the Unknown

wishes and dreams

a collision of The Arts, a feast for the Imagination, Literature at an altitude…. simply unheard of.

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Depiction of the Abused: an Artists Collaborative

A depiction of child abuse in color, black & white, song and words of a survivor.

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