Wishes & Dreams: An Artists Collaborative of the Unknown

wishes and dreams

Wishes & Dreams: An Artists Collaborative of the Unknown

recording artist, Wishing on a Star, Rose Marie, United Kingdom
visual artist, Visions in My Dreams Collection, Faati, Netherlands
written-word artist, Following Dreams, Russell  Rosander, Mexico

stars & dreams

Following Dreams
by Russell Rosander

We were meant to dream
its in our nature
To hope, to wonder if,
to pursue.
Our dreams give our lives meaning,
our reason to be,
and yet,
there is a price,
they are not given for free.

stars and dreams

they require us
to risk all,
to leap
into the abyss of the unknown
to risk failure
or defeat.
Woe to those
who lack the courage,
so many empty lives we see.

wishes and dreams

would we ourselves
be here now
if none had dared to cross the sea?
Would we exist
to dream at all,
if none had gone before,
if none had died,
if none had tried,
if none had tried again?

wishes and dreams

And so we ask,
the giver of our dreams,
the creating of us all,
to help us in our pursuit,
to give us what we need,
to protect us,
and give us the wisdom and courage
to learn
through our inevitable failures,
to never accept defeat,
to follow the dreams,
the will, the dreams
of our maker
through and of ourselves,
they might take us.

wishes and dreams


a collision of The Arts
a feast for the Imagination
Literature at an altitude
simply unheard of

Welcome to The Neighborhood


15 Comments on “Wishes & Dreams: An Artists Collaborative of the Unknown

  1. Inspiring post. This was a pretty awesome collaboration. It makes me happy to see 3 separate works used this way


  2. The entire post is absolutely lovely. The song could almost be called “divine” with the light soprano soaring like she does. Thank you for posting this.


  3. Man, thank you for sharing this post. First off, “Wishing on a Star” is one of my favorite songs of all times, the pictures are beautiful and the poetry is quite profound. Kudos!


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