Director Fran Daddy Brings a Song of Inspiration to Life

“The depth of his lyrics, matched by the power in her voice.”

There has always been something special about ‘My Heart’. Its production time – from idea to recorded song – in less than 5 days, created from a bond, built and nurtured right here…. in The Neighborhood. And seven months after its release, Multi-Media Artists, Nafiys Walters aka Fran Daddy of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, imagined, and visualized then brought My Heart to life. A song of inspiration, intertwined in a story of rediscovering a united strength (delivered with conviction by IvySoul Robinson) he beautifully captures the essence of both, yet never forgets, that music should entertain us  Fran Daddy demonstrates, not simply growth, but his transformation from cameraman to director. And the fact he has chosen The Neighborhood to perfect his craft is not lost, but serves as a testament, that this all-inclusive community, is spreading goodwill, peace, respect and love.


Please enjoy, and share with someone who needs it. 


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