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Complexity of Mental Health: An Artists Collaboration with Robert M Goldstein & the Alternate (Personalities)

Billie Holiday I'll Be Seeing You

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a rare mental illness, but most, would be familiar when referred to by its former name: Multiple Personality Disorder

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The Story of Us – Welcome to the Premiere of The Neighborhood’s Season IV ‘RAW’

the story of us

Welcome to The Neighborhood’s Season IV Premiere ‘RAW’. and Welcome to the Story of Us

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Rise: An Artist Collaborative of Inner Strength

To paint, dance, laugh, sing is my mentor.
All things are stopped. In that moment I heal.

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A Love Collab

a love that you always know is there, even if one day… it’s gone.

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Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

touch the sky and feel at peace with the world. – a monthly collaboration of artists from around the globe.

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