Inside the mind

The mind is everything.
What you think you become.
– Buddha


from London England
Harold van Lennep with Dreams


written & edited by Kendall F. Person

If we escape inside our mind
not forever or even an extended period of time,
just long enough to find, an undiscovered world
of wonder and beauty, a unique type of find
that only lives inside.

Do not be afraid to close your eyes.
Turn a deaf ear toward the world.
The voices, the people
the agony that defeats you.

Go to your quiet place.
A room or along the shores
of your favorite beach.

Find the time. Dammit!
A day, an hour or a moment, if that’s all you have.

Breathe….. Exhale….. Again.
Now go inside and meet your closest friend.

Inside the mind of our own self
may be a scary place at first.
Demons and nightmares we have tried to escape
also live there. The first time may be hard,
you may want to scream,
to open your eyes and cry. It’s okay. Go ahead.

You are in your safe place, so release your pride.
Stare down each memory that serves you bad.
Even inside, life can be sad
or why would it store the bad.
Too painful? That’s alright.

Leave that door behind and
if you have to run – run away, but not outside.
Our journey is not through.
Stay with me because I need you too.

We have moved passed our dread.
Either slammed the door
or we will deal with it the next time we are here.

Move forward.
Do not turn around.

It is time for an introduction to the beautiful you inside.

Fall from grace has left you cold?
Up ahead is the warmth, that has existed all along.
Thought your dreams were shattered?
Look to the right.
Those are new dreams, you did not know you even had.

Inside your mind is a wondrous place.
Full of imagination and
belief and love and understanding for all good things.
Eureka! You have found your dreams.

Now you know where to find your passion;
to sing or paint or write or dance.
A little tired, not ready to make your move.

No worries.
You can go inside your mind…..


— The Neighborhood

cover artists:
mind piece by Tumisu,
broken by Brook Loren
tired by Mo Riza

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35 Comments on “INSIDE THE MIND OF…. YOU

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  2. Thanks for such an amazing post. We rarely take out time for ourselves. This poem is an eyeopener. The journey inside one’s mind should be regular rather than seldom

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    • Thank you for such kind words. It is so good to know that Inside the Mind of You is being taken literal. So glad you are in The Neighborhood. (big smile)


  3. Wonderful poem…thank you for writing and sharing this. A Journey inside our minds can be scary but it is of great importance, to unlocking vital tools that we need in our life’s passage. Now we can brave it, with your thoughtful guidance :). Peace to you.

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  4. Love this post… your words healing my soul… thank you for your deep words.

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  5. This was one of the most uplifting poems I read in quite a while. Always a great read that resonates with me and my guess is that for some other people too.

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  7. Such a great write! I love coming across people that I resonate with and I definitely took in every word written. If we just slow our outside down enough to look to the inside of us, we would have a much deeper perspective on life and it’s something we need to be reminded of

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  8. Well all I can say is…. my “Fall from Grace” was pretty bad. Thank You Jesus!, that he gave me 2 second chances with a beautiful Life in Recovery!! Now Ken, if you’d read my book, you’d know what I’m telling the neighborhood… Maybe we should ‘Gift’ each other our books, then do a review! WOW! I’m so darn smart!…LOL.

    But on the serious side, from where I was almost 8 years ago, compared to life today? Night & Day! Nothing short of God’s *Miracles*! I’m happy to be alive, and to help others who are still suffering the ‘Cycle’ of addicted gambling & alcohol abuse. Those who suffer from Mental disorders as I do from past Childhood sex abuse & Trauma…..

    My life mission, and God given purpose on this earth by way of my creator is to Advocate for all those important issue’s. Yeah BABY!!
    Yes, I know,….I’m a wee bit Crazy 🙂 🙂

    Author, Catherine Lyon XO

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  9. I love the song Adorn by Miguel and thought it complemented your poem nicely. Taking the time to stop and simply do nothing but reflect and appreciate life is an important lesson to keep in mind.

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  10. Hi Kendall,
    Nice music and lovely thoughts. I’ll try to do some of that mediation. We all live such busy lives.

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