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Dumb Has its Place

ImageSometimes stupid is good. Remember Dumb and Dumber? A major motion picture, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, that certainly lived up to its title. It was simple, silly, and unmemorable in every way, except one: that it was so damn funny.  Every feature film does not have to be in contention for an Academy Award nor its director vying for induction into the movie making hall of fame. Every now and again, it is perfectly okay to take an ‘imbecile’s vacation’. Shut down, kick back and allow the movie, or play or show to do all of the work. No tension placing your stomach in a knot. Void of any real plot line, relieving a person of the strain of keeping up. Just entertainment, that tries to be and do nothing more. Every now and then, dumb is good.

Bloggers are Weird is a podcast by DJ Paris, broadcasted via Thoughts From Paris. It is an out-of-the-gate silly, obnoxious and immature blog/website, yet it entertains the part of the brain, which normally lies dormant, yet still requires a few IQ points of attention. My Poop Pants at 26 is a podcast, tweeted throughout the blogosphere, of Paris deadpanning a step-by-step, verbal reenactment of the Cause, the Incident and the Aftermath of the second time he pooped his pants as an adult. Sounds gross? Well, it is. Sound dumb? Then I have made the entire point of this review. But as an audio, it requires no attention, zero. It played at mid-level volume in the background, while I continued to work on the computer. But by the podcast’s end, the volume was up a few more decibels, and even a friend, that dropped in for a visit, tuned in and enjoyed the show. The story is funny, and while his delivery is Benny Hill-dry, somehow you cannot stop laughing. What I enjoyed the most, is DJ Paris does not take himself nor his listeners too seriously. While the atmosphere appears  relaxed and  even unprofessional, I have an idea this is all part of the act (not only was there a dog barking in the background, but Paris literally focuses his full attention on the barking dog, trying to silence it, and offers no apology to his listeners). Scripted performance or accidental humor, a laugh is a laugh. But wait, there’s more. The header, on the home page, of the actual website refers to visitors as fools if they mistakenly, but understandably believe Paris  (in Thoughts from Paris) refers to the city. On another podcast, he basically tells his followers to get a life, if they are listening to any one of his podcast more than once.

There are some downers. His guest blogger, Ceccily Kellog – Uppercase Woman, was the total opposite of the atmosphere DJ Paris creates. Within seconds of her introduction, the happy-go-lucky-buzz evaporates, and it becomes a totally different kind of show. Not that she was bad, but she was serious. And  if I had wanted serious, I would not have just listened to a ten minute diatribe on a grown man pooping his pants (and of course, DJ Paris brilliantly points this out with another slam at his audience, which at the time, would have been me). The site is plain jane and less than a breeze to navigate, but that may actually be by design. DJ Paris takes so many blatant shots at his listeners, we may actually be the butt of the entire joke itself.

Kendall F. Person – thepublicblogger

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Beyonce’s Accomplishments Define but Not Cement Legendary Status

Beyonce and Blue

ImageContemporary thinking is that legends are born, not made. There is logic in this assertion. Our genetic make up is crucial in both determining physical and mental capabilities. It may dictate rather we are natural visionaries or ticking-time bomb sociopaths. There are many examples, however, of people overcoming adversities of genetics, to triumph, gaining legendary status, no one had believed possible.

wilma and kennedyWilma Rudolph was born premature and contracted infantile paralysis (caused by the polio virus) at age four. The 20th of 22 children, few could have surmounted a convincing argument at time of birth, she was destined for greatness. But in 1960, at the Rome Games, a legend emerged This once paralyzed child, who walked with braces until age 12, blew the fastest women on earth off the track, becoming the first woman to win three gold medals at a single Olympiad.


ray charlesRay Charles was born without the ability to see, yet became a pioneer in the music industry and one of the wealthiest performers of his generations. But it was his mother’s determined spirit,  that he would not accept his blindness as a disability. In direct contradiction to contemporary thinking, Ray Charles’ legendary status, in effect – was made – through the sure will power of his mother.

thecoupleI am a huge fan of Beyonce. Her music (excluding 4, more on that later) has been undeniably some of the greatest of any recording artist since and including her emergence as lead singer of Destiny’s Child. While her film career has yet to reach the same defining heights, she has achieved a diverse portfolio of performances (Golden Globes Award Nominee, Best Actress, Dreamgirls) and behind the scenes savvy (executive producer, Obsessed). The empire her and her husband have built is not just admirable, but a testament to the changed dialogue from African-Americans being dependent upon society, to becoming creators of wealth, commerce and American stability. And unlike so many other young celebrities, she has rarely, if ever, squandered her talents, money or goodwill of the fans who follow her or the millions of people, who see her as a role model.

ImageThe controversy of her lip-syncing the National Anthem  is just.  Being requested to perform the nation’s song at the inauguration of the President of the United States, denotes one’s importance to and recognition within a country. It is an opportunity only a chosen few will ever get.  Unless there were technical issues we are not aware of, lip-syncing  has the air of narcissism and self-importance.  The nation knows and loves Beyonce. We have listened to her music for years, and hundreds of thousands have seen her perform live. This was not suppose to be the Beyonce show. It was about the President, the country and our ability to transfer, or, in this case, maintain power peacefully.  Her over-the-top, lip-syncing performance – much like her album 4 –  was an unnecessary demonstration of  her skills as a performer, and on-stage persona. It was as if she thought she had something more to prove, and for a brief –  but important moment –  Beyonce was overwhelmed by an event. Yet all she needed to do was sing.


aretha Four years ago,  Aretha Franklin stood at the same podium,  singing the same song. She belted out a beautiful,  calming rendition, lifting her voice  high above the crowd. When she finished, a commentator,  I cannot quite remember, said these words  “Aretha Franklin, her voice is an American treasure”. No on-stage dramatics, and no controversies to follow. Ms. Franklin’s many accomplishments and her longevity defined it, but it was her awareness of the occasion, and graceful acceptance and honor of the small role she played,  that cemented her legendary status.

Beyonce with BlueBeyonce is only 31 years old. Easy to forget with all that she has achieved. She has worked hard at her career, and no lasting baggage should follow. But I imagine, that if she received the same request in a few years time,  she would  deliver a much different type of performance.

written by Kendall F. Person as the publicblogger



Pole Worker at Night – a music review

Pole Worker At Night

she got both cheecks popping while she’s sliding down the pole…pay her for her favors, straight shot no chasers

poleworkeratnightP – Shaw Productions M.G, Featuring Alien 321 & Killa K.I.D.

I remember taking road trips as a collegiate; there were specific songs played during the drive – bonding music, if you will. Certain songs played at the nightclubs, that would light up the dance floor – placing the entire club under a groove.  And before the night would end, if you were smooth enough, there were songs played to get your honey in the mood. Pole Worker at Night is one of only a handful of songs that hits the trifecta. The  contagious hook, psychedelic flow of the lyrics, and mesmerizing beat, combine to eliminate the guilt  and song’s graphic nature,  allowing the repetition of its hypnotic melody to invade the consciousness, and place the pole worker inside our minds… rather we want her there or not.pshaw productions

A review by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger


Rudyard and Michelle: A Literary Union, Forms a Century Apart

rudyard & michelle

In 2012, oratory from the First Lady of a nation, set the literary world on fire. Her most sustaining line, “Being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are” ignited debate on whether the missing link to Rudyard Kipling’s masterpiece, “If”, had finally been revealed.


Few educational details have remained categorically intact from my years inside learning institutions. Taken as a whole, the formal educational portion of our lives, if used effectively, is the mechanism that inputs the mental data, and is near or at the top of the most important influences, that not just helps to define who we are and who we can become, but enriches us with the mental and social tools, allowing us to build the life of our dreams. Giving a grateful acknowledgement to my host of elementary school teachers for their – what I now realize – complete generosity of self, for embedding in me the basic general principles and ultimate necessities, that everything else in life will follow. However, while I understand I retained the knowledge, I do not remember exactly the moment it clicked, that two plus two equaled four. But, what I do remember, with absolute photogenic certainty, is when, where and how I learned the meaning of If by Rudyard Kipling.

If you can keep, your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

rudyard and michellePassed down from one generation of men to the next, If is profoundly brilliant and considered by a few, to be the epitome of self-help literature. In simply a breathtaking oratory, The First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama, has with humility and grace, managed to modernize in our minds, the greatest poem ever written. 

Mrs. Obama spoke of her world, her husband, and the difficulty of accepting her belief, that the Office of the Presidency would forge a changed man from the one she married. But with the love of a devoted wife and mother, and the dignity deserving of her post, she captivated a television audience of millions, filling the electric, all-inclusive arena with raw emotions colored Red, White & Blue. “Being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.” 

Moments after the beauty of her lyrical flow rained down on a nation, I imagine many of us grabbed hold of the most defining line in her speech, – in any speech from the past quarter-century – and made it our own.  Substituting the word (and title of her husband), ‘President’ then inserting the word (or title) each of us uses, in public or private, that defines whoever or however we define our own self. 
If you can dream–and not make dreams your master.
Inspired by the actions of Dr. Leander Starr Jameson, leader of a British raid against the Boers in the late 19th century, Rudyard Kipling’s If, served as a war anthem and inspired fortitude amongst the troops. Its longevity would soon prove, in the mind of literary intellects, that its true genius was in its ability to speak to each person – individually. Each stanza exposes a burden of life, then seamlessly delivers a viable solution to conquer the burden beholden before it.
If is a 104 year-old masterpiece. A patriotic gift to a nation of tired soldiers. 

In the spring of 1987, as a collegiate at the University of California, Davis, the apex of my formal years within the institution of  learning, If became a resounding part of my life. Introduced as a mandatory memorization exercise, not by the professors or guest speakers who lectured me, but as a direct result of my commitment of obtaining a degree and my understanding the privilege of being part of a ‘university-bubble’. It is a salute to the culture created in college towns across America, and a nod to the generation of Men, that unapologetically drilled it into me, having the wisdom to know I would need it.
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

Michelle Obama shared stories from her childhood, both denoting her understanding of the challenges we face – painting a visual picture of a struggling father’s unbending commitment to his family – but accentuating,  that we have the nobility in us, as individuals, as a family and as a nation, to overcome said challenges. Offering inspiration in a time of need. But it did more than that. It summed up a historical, and arguably, the most important piece of poetry ever written. What I took from what she said; even if we successfully turn back every boulder life hurls our way, the true measure of the victorious, is the person those victories reveal.
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
rudyard & michelle
If there was one criticism of If, is the emphatic fashion to which Kipling exclamated the conclusion.  But in context, all of the soldiers, during that era, were men, and it was to them it was written.  But in present day, it appears antiquated. Denying half the world’s population its full embrace is unworthy of such a great piece of work. That Mrs. Barack Obama and Rudyard Kipling have never met, making their marks more than a century a part, is poetry within itself.  But the real significance of the literary union between the two, is she has demonstrated by example, that The Earth and everything that’s in it, can belong to women too. 
                                                                                                                                                written & developed by Kendall F. Person, 

edited by Shuana Marie Pierre-Louis

Inspiration from First Lady Michelle Obama & the late Rudyard Kipling.