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The Neighborhood

On Dec 30, 2018 we will celebrate our 6th Anniversary. Today, we take a brief trip back down memory lane

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PRESENCE OF MIND: Lesson Learned from Daring Self-Rescue by a 7-year-old Erica Pratt

Presence of Mind: Erica Pratt

“I have never seen this kind of heroic act of bravery committed by a 7-year-old.” – Philadelphia Police Inspector

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‘Young Black Men’

2015 Young Black Men

In 2015, 8 young men, exhausted by tainted painted pictures of them, embarked on a journey, on a mission to define themselves..

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Pole Worker at Night – a music review

Pole Worker at Night is so hypnotic, it places the dancer inside of our heads….rather we want her there or not.

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