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by Kendall F. Person

I was six years old on the day Asia arrived in America. I do not mean as a people or a culture. On the coasts, Americans of Asian descent, have been a part of the melting pot for nearly as long as the pot has been in existence. San Francisco’s Chinatown is not only one of its most popular tourist destinations, but is a vibrant community in its own right. But in Hollywood, Asian actors were often reduced to stereo-typical, slapstick style characters, and many times, in the most popular roles, were played by white Americans or Europeans (Warland Oland as Charlie Chan) further insulting both American Asians as well as, Asians abroad. But in 1972, an American born actor of Chinese heritage exploded on the scene, bringing not just his authentic cultural identity with him, but ushered in a martial arts craze that would become an unrivaled American  curriculum for decades to come.

The Chinese Connection and Fist of Fury starring Bruce Lee were action packed thrillers, with intimate storylines rumbling beneath. But it was the 1973 blockbuster Enter the Dragon, coupled with his untimely death at age 32, that cemented Bruce Lee as an iconic international star. His moves were brilliant. His strikingly good looks all but erased the racial characteristics that were so often portrayed by the entertainment industry, and unwittingly thrusted into the subconscious of the average American moviegoer. Bruce Lee was not just a Chinese star, or an Asian star but a brilliant, talented and popular global superstar.

There have been hints at a repeat of his success. Hong Kong based director John Woo (Face/Off, Mission Impossible II), actress Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, Chicago) and more recently South Korean born singer PSY (Gangnam Style) and the American born quartet Far East Movement (Like a G6), but their storylines have either stalled or are still in progress.

Introducing Dumbfoundead

With the swagger of hip hop, the backstory Americans love and the talent of a star, Dumbfoundead not only embraces his American culture but does not shy away from his Korean heritage. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to South Korean refugees, along with his sister, he was smuggled into Mexico before settling in Los Angeles’ Koreatown at the age of three. Clear pays homage to his past, present and future. The video was shot entirely in South Korea, and the subtle sounds of the far east cannot easily be ignored, and may be the formula that sets him apart from other aspiring rappers. But his smooth flow, intelligent lyrics (I’m Malcom, I’m Gladwell that tippin point is risin’) and original sound, although  a long way off and treading uncharted waters, Dumbfounded may be on the right path to iconic status.

a music review 

The Gift of Life by Angie Harris

the gift of life
angie harris


Dreams by
Harold Van Lennep



The Gift of Life 
by Andrea L. Harris

The wind blows

The grass grows
Liars tell lies…the elderly die…
Flowers bloom
And we assume
That the “Sun will come out tomorrow”.
We laugh at our mistakes
We cry when a child is born
Tormented by love’s hate
Yet entangled in the storm.
Breathing the breath that freely gives
We put to death those who kill
And in our mind, where the conscience lives
We hide behind the free will.
Looking deep inside the heart
…it’s a start
Or, is it the end?
Where did it all begin?
Where will it all end?
Will the sun really come out tomorrow
Are we living on borrowed time
To breath fresh air, our last breath we’d give
Life’s so precious and divine.
Love, freedom, kindness and truth?
We dig deeper and deeper
But where’s the proof?
Yet life is so marvelous
We’d give it all
To wake up tomorrow
And watch the sun fall.
So the wind shall keep blowing
And it shall come as no surprise
That the sun shall rise
And the babies shall cry
The elderly die and
The liars lie…
And be it ever so humble
Bound together until we depart
There shall never be a greater gift
Than the gift we call life!

The Five Reasons YOU Should Invest More Time Into Your Blog





The Five Reasons You Should
Invest More Time in Your Blog
by Kendall F. Person

forestI was a late bloomer when it came to blogging, not entering the scene until August 2012, and only at the suggestion of a close friend and fan of my work. When I posted U.S. Open: the drama in sports, it was not because I had suddenly seen the light and wanted to join the blogging community, which as it turns out, was the best decision I could have made, but it was because,  after a 12 year self-imposed exile, I wanted to discover if I were still able to write. I was not working at the time, having only recently returned from a 30-day project in Philadelphia, so time, as far as hours in a day, was on my side. Locating an apt subject was simple, for as a huge tennis enthusiast, the approaching United States Open afforded the perfect topic. Blogger, Google’s easy to use blogging platform, gave me the tool and my good friend had given me the motivation.

I had spent 15 years in the marketing arena, five of those years marketing my own work, so I knew about promotions and the need to promote my first post if I expected anyone to read it. My confidence was not low, it was non-existent, so I chose an inventive way to promote my work, while protecting my fragile ego in the process. I derived a pen-name, hence, thepublicblogger.

Knowing the importance of statistics, after conducting a generous amount of promotional work, I sat back and stared at the counter, which is a built-in part of the blogging platform. While tennis is a niche sport in my home nation, it is a major attraction in most other parts of the world, and to my surprise, U.S. Open: the drama in sports took off (on a relative scale). I would gain a 1000 views in the first week of that first post, and even some infighting in the comments section. And then, something remarkable happened….Kendall F. Person the writer was given a second life.

gardenI began searching for permanent employment, but continued to write and soon after published my second post, Rudyard and Michelle: A Literary Union forms a Century Apart. While the numbers were not nearly as impressive, the comments reaffirmed that the literary world was where I belonged. I continued to blog, even confirming – via the series BREATHE – rumors among close friends that thepublicblogger and Kendall F. Person were one in the same. Nearly one year, 30 posts, and 12 promotional videos later, I realized that investing more time into my blog, can only make me mentally stronger, more visible as an author, more determined as a writer

and more knowledgeable about the

world around me.

So without further ado, I give you The 5 Reasons why YOU should invest more time into your blog.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run  – from If, by Rudyard Kipling



For those who enjoy a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep, consider it a one of life’s guilty pleasures. Those who suffer with insomnia, either on occasions or as a way of life, perceive a peaceful, uninterrupted night of slumber a gift straight from the heavens. Lack of sleep does not simply leave you tapped for energy, it actually becomes painful as one tosses and turns, slugging pillows, throwing the blanket on and off of your tired body, begging for the sandman to take you, which he never does. But why suffer in silence, or disturb your loved one, if there is one sleeping beautifully next to you, or drain more brain cells watching television shows you would not normally watch, when you can invest that time, not being used by anything else, into your blog.

Rather it is a rant about not being able to sleep, or a piece of work worthy of a Nobel Prize for literature, producing new posts, adds depth to your site, material for readers and yes, writing a full post at two in the morning, even acts as a natural tranquilizer, allowing you to get some much needed rest.

In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.from Deuteronomy Rabbah

Share the Wealth

There is nary a challenge, problem, question or quandary that is unique to any individual person. And while I completely understand that just reading about another person’s struggles, that are similar to ones own, will not solve your problem, it sure can make you feel a whole lot better. I use my own posts as examples, simply because I know them, I do not pertain to be an expert in all fields that I write about, so read the comments under your own posts or others’ you follow, and you will note the truth of what I state. When I posted about operating under the confines of bipolar disorder (Elevators: Using Mind Games to Cope with Depression), readers who battle depression, anxiety or other mental blings, joined in the conversation. Some were grateful of my personal anecdotes, while others left messages of their own successes and challenges. BULLY opened the doors wide to a societal discussion on worldwide crime, and my music reviews introduce artists to new listeners. Whatever direction your blog has taken or the platform you have chosen, there are others who can be assisted by your strengths or, in turn, even offer meaningful suggestions to the one that made the posts.

Omwana ni wa bhone  (It takes a village to raise a child) – Kijita (African) proverb

threeThe Blogging Community Depends On It. 
In the small, working-class neighborhood of Strawberry Manors in the city of Sacramento, California, it is not uncommon for police helicopters to hover overhead or gunshots to be heard through the silent air of a warm summer night. The local elementary school, at one point, ranked dead last in academic performance in the state of California. The neighborhood and its residence were thought so little of, when the great floods of 1986 threatened to inundate expansive land geared for development, even though it was vacant, developers purposely diverted flood waters that  drowned nearly ever single house. But Strawberry Manors proved that the strength of its community would be measured by its residence and fought back against every challenge that threatened their pursuit of living a normal, happy life. They embraced wayward youth rather than shooing them away. They demanded a strong academic program for their children and they waged a winning class-action battle against those same developers, being awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair their washed out homes. But if not for the active participation of most of the home and property owners alike, Strawberry Manors could have easily fallen into despair.

In writing post and maintaining our blogs, we are making a contribution to an institution with a world wide influence, allowing everyone to voice their opinion and deliver sound, experience-driven advice. Each contribution deepens the level of the well. Rather your contribution is entertainment, how-to or a rant about your bad day, it allows the blogging platform to earn the mantle of being an expansive, online community that brings the world closer together.

Just make me feel good. – Halle Berry, Monster’s Ball


twoReleases Negative Energy in a Positive Way. 
Leticia Musgrove, Halle Berry’s character in the brilliant, but depressing Monster’s Ball, had lost her husband through capital punishment, her only child was hit by a car, she was evicted from her home, and literally thrown out into the streets. Alone with Hank Grotowski, (immortalized by Billy Bob Thornton) who had problems of his own, he asked but one question “What can I do for you?” Her reply, “Just make me feel good.”

Venting frustrations, even at an unchangeable situation, or presenting your self-produced podcast, video or book, blogging has a way of making each of us feel good. There is a sense of accomplishment whenever we complete and publish a post. Rather it is a photograph of the sunrise, taken from a mountaintop somewhere in paradise or the final episode of a 5-part serial post, we exhale at the small wonder we achieved, and revel in victory when readers find solace or passion within our art. We feel good because we have taken a step toward reaching our goal, or simply because we find joy in being ‘Liked’ by someone that we may never know.

Say it forget it, Write it regret it. – Unknown Origin


oneOur Contribution to the World
‘Say it, your words will be forgotten. Write it, your words will transcend time’ should be the bloggers motto. Following the Columbus High School track team debacle, I joined the discussion via telephone and in person. But I found the incident extraordinary, for whatever reasons, which incited to me to write the post A Lonely World. My life is still a work in process. I am humbled by both my readership and the incredible comments that readers leave. While I am a confident writer and do comprehend its craft, there is still much for me to learn and room for me to grow. So when I say, A Lonely World is a special post, please accept my words in the spirit in which they are given, and by no means a braggart or conceited boast. And that spirit is to prove my final point. Had I not written the post and only stated verbally the exact same words, what has turned out to be my most read, most liked and most heartfelt piece of work, would have found no further listeners then those few people that I spoke with, who have no doubt forgotten, the words that transpired about such a meaningful topic.

Everyone has a story or a song or an experience that once immortalized through blogging, will produce comfort or force thought or a reaction, somewhere around the world. Investing more time recording those experiences, assures that our imaginative creations, valued opinions and wealth of knowledge will find audiences to enjoy and learn from them, long after we are gone.

– an opinion from thepublicblogger (Kendall F. Person)
music, ‘My Motivation Inspiration Everything’ courtesy of P-Shaw Productions


“The Deep South (here in Northeast Georgia) is rife with a violent culture that plays itself out in a disrespectful culture all over our district, home, school, and work included.  We needed to change the definition of “bullying” and identify the participants (bullies, victims, and bystanders.)” – Yvonne E. Richardson,  Middle School Teacher


developed & written  by Kendall F. Person
video short-documentary edited by  Crystal Fairrington
visual design by You Will Rise Project – Rise Above Bullying

boyYoung Robert Troy was still wearing his soccer cleats and found it difficult to maneuver the usual sharp turns, so he willed his legs to run even faster. The rains made the ground slick, and on more than one occasion, he stumbled, nearly losing his edge. Making a quick turnabout, on 1st Street, he hoped to make his getaway a lot sooner, because he was running out of breath. He jumped over ole Ms. Bernard’s chain link fence, nearly high jumped the backside, finding endurance he did not know was left.

Her pit bull was ready for him this time. He sprung into action, jumping up on all four legs. Growling, foaming at the mouth, and giving chase, determined to catch the intruder and chew him into bite sized bits. But Robert would have none of this. On this day, just like all others, since entering the game of cat and mouse, he was just too quick. He had run for his life so many times, he often wondered if there was a reason for him to live.

The pack of three bullies were hot in pursuit. As angry as the pit-bull, but more determined than any dog could be. Unless  it were rabid, it could not feel what they felt. They hated that guy, more than anything else. But whenever they were asked why, only one word could either of them emit, “Because!”

Robert was an average teenage boy. He was decent at sports, but by no means did he excel. And while he had a certain boyish charm, he was far from Brad Pitt or Denzel. He held a small circle of friends, was attentive in his classes, lettered in two sports and was accepted to a local, four-year college, but Robert did not stand out. Not smart enough to be a geek, or impatient enough to be a dropout. There were no NCAA coaches scouting him, and no scholars asking for his advice. Voices

While he never had a girlfriend, neither did he come out as being gay. He was the same color as his aggressors, and all of their parents prayed the same way. By all accounts, the mean boys should have left Robert alone. He was no threat and no bother, just a young man trying to live his life and grow into a man living on his own. As Robbie ran through the alley, calculating every step, every turn, he garnered he had outran his chasers, who were probably bent over, out of breath.

But while he did not know it, his celebration would be premature, for the stumbles had cost him dearly, and the bullies made up ground. They saw him hit first street, then watched him jump the fence. Fans of Animal Planet, especially the wild dogs, who hunted in packs with strategy, being more successful than all other carnivores.

So what they lacked in endurance, and were no match in human speed, by putting their heads together, they devised a coordinated plan. Each went a different direction, cutting off all exits for the unsuspecting mouse.

yourwordsaretheguninherhand (1)A mother’s intuition, regardless of what teenagers tend to believe, is rarely ill-conceived. They know when their babies are crying, long before the sound reaches the door. They sense where there is mischief, and can see right through the best spun story, even before her child gets to the end.  Mother’s know when the darkness is hovering and even know when their child is in need of them.

Roberta Troy had found the perfect man. Tall, dark and handsome may have caused her to take a second look, but it was the way he treated her, like a flower, a bouquet of the sweetest roses, that her grandmother grew, along the banks of her backyard brook. She would give him two children, fraternal twins, a boy and a girl.  Roberta would learn too late of the complications she would have. Robert arrived with brown eyes and a baby’s soft skin. But when the doctor held his sister, she made no sounds, having died days earlier within the comfort of her mother’s womb. So Robert grew up as an only child, a pitch-perfect image of his father. And While she grieved for her only daughter, she gave thanks for her son.

words can hurtSo when the alarm went off inside her head, her husband away on business and brothers too far away, she turned and looked in the mirror.  Not knowing if she was being silly or too much of a mothering hen, but the twitch in her left eye, and the itch along her inner thigh, was all she needed to know. Her little man was in trouble. She grabbed hold of her keys, and the first solid thing she found. She dashed out the door, with a Louisville Slugger, temporarily standing in for Robbie’s dad.

The rains had gotten heavier, and Robert had pushed his young body as hard and fast as it would go. Believing he had lost them, and with only two blocks till home, he pulled back on his internal throttle, slowing the run down to a jog. Reaching the alley’s end, he had nearly forgotten what he was running for. He would not wait long for the reminder, which in an instant, became all too clear. The first coward, came at him from his blindside swinging a two by four. Making contact with his ribs, put Robert in a state of shock. The second of the trio, as Robert was falling forward, landed a strong right hook, just above the chin and below the left jaw.  Bully three, still trying to catch his breath, felt like a big man, even beat on his chest. Words of a vile nature, flew from his mouth. Robert heard none of them, but he did feel the solid blow of a steel-towed army boot, before collapsing with one broken leg on the pavement of a city street.

“Changing our students is difficult when we have no handle on their homes or earlier development. This coming year beginning with the last day of post-planning, we have begun a process to revamp the behavioral expectations of our entire school, staff and students.”  – Franklin County School District, Carnesville, Georgia USA

norway_nightThe young that survive bullying may grow into adults and become the bully themselves. Or the bullies of our youth may be the same bullies that taunt and tease, even though you are a full grown adult.  Solving the riddle of ‘why are people mean’, has all but stomped the experts in every field. From students of the Bible, to psychologists, practicing at the top of their field. There are a few important traits, in which all do agree, that their is a need for power from the bullying, perhaps a streak of sadistic greed. Are they sociopathic? Could they simply be nuts? Do they suffer abuse, perhaps neglect at home? The answer may surprise, for it is all of the above. Bullies, unlike culprits of other serial crimes, derive with no set pathology, no sudden twitches, no strange curiosities, no foul smells emitting from their homes. Their homes may be intact, or broken, or some semblance of the two. They can be male or female, straight or gay. They may be Christians or atheists,  Muslims or Jewish. Chinese or Japanese, South African, or American.

Perhaps of more importance, than being unable to identify a potential bully, is the seldom discussed factual knowledge, that many victims maintain their emotional (and physical) scars into adulthood. Rather your community chooses to follow Franklin County or You Will Rise, or perhaps some nations will follow Norway, who all but cleansed their borders of the meanness that lies within, becoming a part of the solution deserves a helping hand. Less we awaken another day, happy to see the sunrise, then tune in to our local or world broadcast, to learn of another suicide.


Rain coming in torrents, leaving puddles in its wake. Wind, howling like darkness is what it needs to feed its gust. Roberta turned the corner in her blood red suburban van. Even with the windshield wipers whirling, she could hardly see a thing. But she felt a pain across her back, than another down her leg.

Robert was a runner, not because he was a coward or a sissy, the names the bullies would daily shout. But his school had no tolerance toward violence, not caring who was the initiator of the fight. All involved would be suspended, a few repeat offenders, had even been thrown out.  Robert, however average, wanted a future, and to at least try and fulfill his dreams. His shouting, angry aggressors, had been expelled the first of spring. So now they aimed their full fury, on a young man that should not have meant a thing. On the ground, covered in rain, blood flowed down, accompanied by a throbbing pain. But when he noticed the deep red Suburban, he only knew one thing, he be damned if they would hurt his mother, or be victimized while she screamed.

cowardSo he kicked with his good leg, summoning fury equal to his attackers. Landing his first blow, dead center in one of the bullies crouch. He was the weaker of the three, following the real bad boys like a puppy dog, it was no surprise to anyone, when he cuffed his groin and bowed out. Roberta remembered the girls who would tease her and always put her down. She was never good enough to talk too and was ostracized at a very young age, by a trio of mean girls, who had no reason to be mean.  Roberta was a beautiful woman. Voluptuous in every way.  An average academic, with average ambition to move up the corporate ladder, she was one hell of a devoted mother, and the wolves were after her child.

motherandsonWhile she recovered from those years of being bullied, fortunate her parents had moved away, she would always feel regret, believing the mean girls, still held onto a piece of her self-respect. Arriving upon the scene, she saw the same bitter girls. She whirled the bat in one hand, and reached for her son with the other. Robert grabbed hold of his mother’s extended hand, stood on his good leg, and the two former victims, refused to be victimized any more. They matched the bullies blow for blow, until the yellow  raced up the bullies back. The duo of mother and son, emerged with the upper hand, forcing a waving of the  white flag…and satisfaction of seeing the bullies running scared.

the end

Thank you for coming. We hope you enjoyed our first blog-post feature presentation. If you enjoyed the show, please share with friends and family. If you are enthusiastic about the blog, along with your continued and valued readership, you can support our efforts (my Niece and I) by visiting Amazon and purchasing a copy of An Angry World. If you do not have a Kindle, simply download a FREE Kindle Reader here.

Coming in June: the release of The Remembrance, an erotic thriller (a novel), along with Capturing Spring, a heartfelt drama (a novel) both in ebook format. We are working to provide paperback copies as well.

Developed & Written by Kendall F. Person
Video-short documentary by Crystalkay Fairrington

Drawings Courtesy of You Will Rise – Rise Above Bullying
Special appreciation to Yvonne E. Richardson, 1000 Words or less
Special gratitude to Charly Priest, Crazy Life

Thepublicblogger Awards – a Celebration of Community

Coming New Year’s Eve 2013
The Neighborhood’s Season-Ending Show: 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards 

Inaugural Awards Show {original air date May 2013}



Ladies & Gentlemen, Readers & Writers, special guests, old friends, nominees and the entire blogger community. Welcome to inaugural ThepublicAwards –  a Celebration of Community.

You are now inside the world of my imagination. Imagine it is a beautiful summer’s eve, and we are gathered along  a spectacular shore. The moonlight beams off the ocean’s water, granting light upon a majestic pavilion, where the evening’s entertainment is where you will enjoy. The air is crisp and you can smell the ocean breeze. Although you have never been here before, you know this is a place full of love and peace.

Tonight, is a celebration of community. We celebrate what brings us together, but even inside my mind, we never forget what can tear us apart.

Kendall awards (1)My name is Kendall F. Person and I will be your host for this original Blogospheric event. Playing for you now, from Oslo Norway Drumma Battalion.  From Cartegan, Spain S’ENS is here. From Portland, Oregon international photographer, Leah Olson is here. From Berkeley, California Crystalkay Fairrington with the world premire of her latest video production. And of course, the evening would not be complete without them, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P-Shaw Productions is here.

file0001492858701But tonight it is all about our nominees and their winning blog posts. Over the passed five months, I have visited thousands of your blogs, and my sincere apologies, for I know there are thousands more. 38 posts were selected, in 7 categories:  Photography, Use of All Mediums, Humor/Comedy, Blog-Magazine, Short/Long Story, Healing/Inspirational and Rants/Musings.

So without further adieu, let us get right into the first category and a reveal of tonight’s first winner.

imaginationBest Photography

and the nominees are…..

The last liberal in beaconsfield – (Home Page)
Safari Kenya – (Masai Mara Game Reserve)
Caravanserai2301 – (Home Page)
Ethnographic Materials ML – (Home Page)
Travelspinner  Blog – (Trot On)

…………and the Winner IS

(link to entire blog)


imaginationBest Use of All Mediums
and the nominees are….
→Jane Dougherty Writes
»Moonside/Triumph of Spirit in Love, Nature & Art
»Primal Nights / My Ongoing Affair and Obsession
»Ricky Dutch Foundation – Central Hub for Media Entertainment
»Diatta Art Blog

…….and the Winner IS

Crystal for awardsGood evening everyone, My name is Crystalkay Fairrington and I have the pleasure and  honor of working with my uncle in producing the promotional videos.  As most of you are aware, my uncle is passionate about the plight of our still suffering Veteran soldiers. The number of Veteran homeless and suicide rates are simply out of control. In your communities find out how you can help. They don’t simply deserve it, they earned it.

From Kendall F. Person’s The Hypocrisy of War, here is Hussul, P-Shaw & Mulaarie with Out Da Struggle.

imagination           Best Humor/Comedy Post or Blog

and the nominees are….
Subpar Co-star – (Social Media)
Bending News Inc. – (Sports are Gay)
Confessions of the Socially Inept – (What is Sports?)
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times – (Home Page)
The Curse of Future Tom – (There’s Some Kind of Blogosphere in Here)

……..and the Winner IS

imagination      Best Blog-Magazine

and the nominees are….
Scholars & Rogues
Climate Connections
harlem world

………and the Winner IS

Kendall awards (1)Hope you are enjoying the show and taking the time to relax and absorb the performances and the winning posts. Remember where you are. A slight breeze blew in from the ocean, and has brought a little chill. But you are still warm and safe, as tiki torches are being lighted all around the pavilion, giving the stage a true island feel.

And with that, it is a pleasure to introduce to you, from Cartegan, Spain, with their unique and distinct sound S’ENS performing Blues Soul.

pshawMy name is James Pattishaw, but I think most of you know me as P-Shaw. I want to thank you all so much for your time, your true opinion, and support of not only Kendall, but myself and the              P – Shaw Productions company as well. We see the growth in us as artist because of the love and support we so greatly feel. Matching a story board with cinematic music allows the audience to travel with us, as you  understand exactly where the writer and artist are trying to go. We cannot make it in this business without you. You all mean so much to us. Thank You.

imagination  Best Short/Long Story Blog

and the nominees are…..
Andrew Gallix – (Fifty Shades of Grey Matter)
James Fant Books – (Vapor)
The Johnny Appledseed Project – (Home Page)
Little Blonde Lionheart – (A Slightly Curious Post)
Through the Looking Glass – “As the Ghetto Turns” Episode 2
Poison and Ambrosia – (Home Page)

……..and the Winner IS

imaginationBest Healing/Inspirational Blog or Post

and the nominees are…..
life as a widower – (Home Page)
My Gay Mom – (Bipolar Archives, Suicidal Ideation)
Monochromatic Me – (All My Fault)
LScott Poetry – (Home Page)
advocatemmmohan aksharaalu – (Home Page)

…….and the Winner IS

World Premiere

imagination Best Rants/Musings Blog or Post

and the nominees are…..
ramblings of a supposed disease free mind – (When will this end)
Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind… – (Conversations with Her: Confessions.)
The Rebel Marketeer – (Where is My Liberal India)
Shanzida’s Diary – (A Trip To Bangladesh)
Uncharted Journey’s of a Lost Girl – (Day 85: Write a letter to my past self)
My Blog About Your Blog
Tigress00Eyes – Diary Entries of My Life’s Experiences

……and the Winner IS

Kendall awards (1)Thank you Everyone, that will conclude our show for the evening.
We hope you have as much fun imagining this event, as we did imagining for each and everyone of you.

Much Success and Much Peace. We love you all.

P-Shaw, would you do me the honors and take us home….

Thepublicblogger Awards presented by Kendall F. Person and the re-Release of An Angry World  available everywhere @ Amazon Kindle. (Download FREE Kindle reading apps here)

Special thanks to our very special guests, S’ENSLeah Olson and Drumma Battalion
Thank you for sticking with your Uncle, Miss Crystalkay Fairrington.
To P-Shaw, TheAlien321, Gabrielle Elisa, Pretty E. and the entire P-Shaw Productions Family, it has been my pleasure to work with artists as talented and brilliant as you.

more fireworks