The Gift of Life by Angie Harris

the gift of life
angie harris


Dreams by
Harold Van Lennep



The Gift of Life 
by Andrea L. Harris

The wind blows

The grass grows
Liars tell lies…the elderly die…
Flowers bloom
And we assume
That the “Sun will come out tomorrow”.
We laugh at our mistakes
We cry when a child is born
Tormented by love’s hate
Yet entangled in the storm.
Breathing the breath that freely gives
We put to death those who kill
And in our mind, where the conscience lives
We hide behind the free will.
Looking deep inside the heart
…it’s a start
Or, is it the end?
Where did it all begin?
Where will it all end?
Will the sun really come out tomorrow
Are we living on borrowed time
To breath fresh air, our last breath we’d give
Life’s so precious and divine.
Love, freedom, kindness and truth?
We dig deeper and deeper
But where’s the proof?
Yet life is so marvelous
We’d give it all
To wake up tomorrow
And watch the sun fall.
So the wind shall keep blowing
And it shall come as no surprise
That the sun shall rise
And the babies shall cry
The elderly die and
The liars lie…
And be it ever so humble
Bound together until we depart
There shall never be a greater gift
Than the gift we call life!

43 Comments on “The Gift of Life by Angie Harris

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  4. hey! I don’t know if you’ll think this silly — I did, initially, and it was actually kinda fun — but I’ve tagged you in a Liebster Award questionnaire on my blog. You just have to answer the questions on your own blog and tag some more people. You can get your questions from this little direct link —
    Have fun doing it and pass it on to someone else. Keep writing 🙂


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  6. Andrea, I am new to the neighbourhood and I await in great anticipation the unveiling of Kendall’s ‘The Right to Life’ later today, although I won’t get to it until tomorrow, allowing for the 8 hour time difference, living as I do in the UK!
    Life truly is a gift, every life, every day, God given. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem 🙂


  7. That poem was written with such eloquence I feel the movement of the spirit of those words…That is what inspires me to write good music..Life is breathed through the spirit of words Keep writing!


  8. Hi Kendall!
    I read some comments I don’t know what else perspective you can have than the one you were born in and live in. I loved the poem. Thank you for the words written. There is a lot of food for thought..


    • Hello Slewriter:
      I agree. People are always telling me that I want things MY way. To that, I say, “No, I want things in MY life YOUR way.” If I lived any other way; if I wrote any other way…I’d be living and telling a lie. Consequently, in a world where I could be whomever I want to be, I decided to be myself! And like you said, I can only represent my own perspective. Thanks for your thought. ~Andrea L


      • sSewriter – As a general rule I do enter into the discussion until after the series has ended and when I have a guest blogger, I turn over the microphone to them. AndreaL – Thank you so much for taking part in The Right to Life. Your poem The Gift to Life is something special and I am so proud that you shared it with the neighborhood.


  9. DBlogger…this is the author of the poem. I would firstly like to thank you for allowing me to post in your neighborhood. I personally find the experience of your “neighborhood” to be different and fresh. That said, I’m going to accept your invite and “add my voice”. But keep in mind, that I don’t “interpret” my work. I foster my strength and flow through admiring the public’s interpretation. I look forward to interacting with your neighbors and welcome ALL comments. ~Andrea L


  10. Dark but sadly beautiful…but I have trouble decoding maxfurr’s comment…and how is it he sees it only applicable to trials and tribs of of regular people in a rich country?? Maybe I missed the poem’s point entirely..but I thought it concerned killing the unborn and taking for granted that life is precious, and that bringing a new life into our world should not be done with disregard for the responsibility or moral commitment to the child…yes it may be true that there is starvation, suffering, misery, struggle in every nation on the planet…how is it that you see ‘indifference’ in those who have the means to escape??? And WHY, for heaven’s sake, aren’t people practicing a bit of common sense by helping to do their own part in an earnest effort to abstain from sexual intercourse or take personal responsibility using effective birth control methods if they cannot control selfish sexual urges? In some places, and here in USA, very little is done to promote self-sacrifice or accountability for adding to the burden of struggle and misery. Folks who have a desire to break the cycles of suffering and poverty, actually have determination to see it through…they WORK, find a way to attain the ‘means’ through their efforts and self-denial of sexual indulgences (celibacy, abstinence) or reckless material accumulations by acting with self-control, self-discipline and sincere drive to help themselves instead of waiting on any gov’t to make it ‘happen’ for them. It is not the gov’t’s place to take care of your needs, wants, desires, and pain…in USA every person has the protection of gov’t to pursue happiness and liberty from tyranny and poverty on their own. What you hope to reach or attain requires you to commit to the work and effort it demands. Those who produce will earn. Those who are lazy or uninspired, or willfully shunning free education and personal obligations in favor of the so-called struggle life deserve to remain in their dilemma until they can figure out how to become active parts of the solution…instead of promoting the problem through their parasitism. Condoning these behaviors by giving govt aid without requiring work in return, and progressive effort made towards self-sufficiency is the biggest, most heinous injustice of all…


    • WoW, CJ, it’s Andrea. I’m new to the neighborhood and thankful that the Blogger has given me a chance to be a neighbor. Although I never interpret my poems, I will say that I loved your interpretation. Like you, I feel that no dreamer ever turns his dreams into reality…except for the one’s who do! We were given this world. We didn’t make it! I sit anxiously awaiting Sept 2nd…”The right to life” is bound to be a hot mess! EXCITING!


      • I figured I would be greeted by anger and outrage for daring to say what everyone feels is apathetic ‘indifference’ to the plight of the less very pleased to know that you agreed. I wish folks knew how to introspect and reflect on the deeds and paths they chose to seek and find the parts that they need to own in order to repair and resolve the condition of suffering, pain, and misery they arrived at. I am speaking of those who believe in evading their share of duty to rise above the low-bar standard and help themselves. I am not speaking to oppressed people living under tyrants or in bondage.
        Our Western culture is out of control and self-serving. If poor moral standards and behaviors lead to the creation of an innocent unborn, some merely ‘dispose’ of it because it is inconveniently imposing on their self-serving indulgence and lifestyle. Just as though that life’s disposal meant no more than the fecal matter being evacuated and flushed away. What could the future possibly be worth when people refuse to acknowledge or confront or examine the motives of that man in the mirror?


  11. You have a beautiful style and I enjoyed your poem. Yet somehow I cannot help feeling sad that the words apply only to the “trials and tribulations” of an average life in a wealthy nation–and on the whole, it is wonderful for us. Yet there are so many in the world, even in the U.S. where I live, whose life is nothing but struggle, misery and pain. Children are malnourished and around the world many are starving while indifference reigns among those who have the means of escape for them. Yes, there are those who help, but the only cure is universal empathy and governmental cooperation . . . but the drummer doesn’t lose a beat.


    • maxfurr – perhaps I can coaxed the poet to add her voice to the forum, but beware, rather your assumption was about her life or how she sees life, you could not possibly have missed the mark any worse if you were blind folded, through backwards and I deleted the mark before you through.


    • Thanks Maxfurr! I absolutely love the fact that everyone has their own opinion; thus, I try to write in a manner where there is no wrong or right. FYI, honestly, there were absolutely no trials or tribulations in that poem. And have you checked our credit lately? We aint wealthy.
      🙂 I’m not Marie Antoinette…It is what it is and it is what you make it. Inside of me, there’s this dark closet. I actually found someone else’s skeletons in my closet one day…but, that’s another subject! Thank you, my friend, for your comments and welcome to the neighborhood!


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