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“Getting knocked out by the challenges of life,
is no reason to hang our head or give up.
But a technical knockout, for failure to try,
becomes the unforgiving emotion of regret.
– thepublicblogger


The KnockOut of Mike Tyson
edited by Kendall F. Person

February 11 1990, Tokyo Japan
Round 10
After the beating he endured in the first 9 rounds, it was a wonder he made it to ten. Only his brute strength and iron will, allowed him to re-enter the ring, But in the end, it did not matter, he was not the same fighter he once was. And in cities around the nation, we were frozen, unable to comprehend, if our lying eyes deceived us, or if Iron Mike Tyson was going down. Mike Tyson by Time To Go

As Mike walked forward, Douglas measured or perhaps ridiculed him, by throwing a few meaningless jabs, before going on all in. He landed a devastating uppercut that snapped Tyson’s head upward, then staggered him back. With the instinct of a champion in the making, Douglas saw his chance, and took it, by landing four brutal blows about Tyson’s head and face.*

Mike fumbled for his mouthpiece on the canvas before sticking one end in his mouth with the other end hanging out. The champion attempted to make it back to his feet and finish the fight, but the referee knew he was done. And as millions watched in absolute confusion – the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the biggest upset in the history of the sport, by a forgotten man named Buster Douglas…. Iron Mike Tyson got knocked out.

*Mike Tyson vs, Buster Douglas Wikipedia



CITIES: How To Take Control of The KnockOut Round

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