The mission of CITIES is simple: provide an online, across the board medium of social engagement. Competitive in nature, thought-provoking by design, entertaining in concept and a contributor to a more unified less divisional society, on some level in some way.


DAH Trump with
Never Look Back feat. Pearl



Anyone can make a move and everyone can take part, without ever knowing who your teammates are. Most games or continuous online posts, zero in on individual performances. But not this year, for it is the cities that are vying for 2017 City of the Year.

based on the Weekly Top 10 Cities…
31 have qualified, but only room for 25

the knock-out round

Answer a random question, and your City staves off elimination. Honor a hometown hero, and eliminate your closest competitor. Beginning October 15, the top 10 remaining cities square off in weekly challenges, with public voters making the final decision, as to which city falls and which ones moved closer to winning it all.
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dates to remember
5 preliminary rounds
9/15:  Round 1 Knock-Out Round, 6 Cities eliminated
9/22: Round 2 –  5 Cities eliminated
9/29: Round 3 – 5 Cities eliminated
10/6: Round 4 – 5 Cities eliminated
10/13: Last Preliminary Round

October 15th: Introduction of The Top 10 Cities into The Finals
12/30:  Winner and City of the Year

How they got here…


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