The Search for COMMON GROUND eps. ii the pursuit of happiness

Search for Common Ground

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.- Thomas Jefferson

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The Search for COMMON GROUND
episode ii the pursuit of happiness
created & developed by Kendall F. Person
co-hosted by Rebecca Lemke

Each individual  represents multiple demographics. Some of which, we self-identify with and some, are cast upon us in a game of numbers. It is these demographics, that The Neighborhood believes – along with a communication barrier –  is at the root of both our imagined and real divisions.

The demographics were given the same question on the same day and with the same deadline. For  most, it was a contemplative moment. Each was asked to confirm, that their submitted response was indeed their Official Answer. With the exception of spelling errors,  we are giving you the raw, unedited thoughts of 12 American emotions.

We have a long way to go, until the final two, so please do not despair finding common ground is within reach; but we cannot give up, even if we want to.

If your vote cast was for the President-elect Trump, now that the campaign is over, and no further need to be critical of opponent, please make the blue state voters feel better about the man you supported. But you are not responding to everyone, but to only one of the demographics- your choice – that has not felt embraced by his campaigned over the past 15 months. If your vote was for Hillary, your question is, if there was one single action or words he could say, that would allow you to clean the slate and support the president-elect, what would it be?

Please vote at the bottom of the page for the 3 responses that best help our nation in the search for common ground. The lowest combined score… will be eliminated on Monday, Nov 14.




the search for common ground

episode ii the pursuit of happiness

Joe Flower


On 20th JANUARY 2017, during the Inauguration Day speech, President Trump would include this pledge:

“One important cornerstone of my presidency will be to create a new vision of American masculinity – that is, a united movement of men and boys working towards the common goal of ending men’s violence against women and girls, to promote healthy relationships and gender equality. I want to be a President that presides over an America in which all women live safely, with respect and free from all forms of men’s abuse.

“I understand and accept that men are central to achieving the social change necessary to stopping violence against women. I want to engage all men to stand up, speak out and act to influence the attitudes and behaviors of some men in our country who commit violence against women, and I want them to speak out based on an understanding that most men are not violent.

“A Donald Trump Presidency pledges to provide the tools for men to stop violence against women in their homes, towns, and cities right across America. I will make this happen, thru education in our schools, preventative programs designed to raise awareness in our communities, thru creative campaigns in our civic centers, and with the full co-operation of my Vice President Mike Pence.”



Mac Aguliar


My response: In the action of being the President Elect for this Great Country I ask that he address the racist and radical supporters to understand the rights of ALL Americans and that of Immigration Reform, the system that needs fixing from Green Cards, Work Visa’s, and Seasonal Amnesty Programs, Welfare reform to enforce Americans to contribute 30 Hours a week of Community Services based on the minimum wage salary that includes benefits and food card, including random drug testing. Lastly that he addresses the civil rights issues of american citizens in the US before addressing issues on foreign soil. His personal issues of character I am not addressing.



Ryan Black

The 2020 Progroessive

I think Donald Trump needs to go to Ferguson, MO and listen to peoples’ stories.

In 2016, I was lucky enough to travel to Ferguson, MO to produce videos with Harvard Professor, and then Democratic Presidential Candidate, Larry Lessig. The Listening Tour was one of the most insightful learning experiences of my life. I thought I understood issues on a complex level before I visited Ferguson. But when I left, I had an entirely new and wider perspective on the Black Experience in America.

If Trump travels to Ferguson, Flint, and other inner cities that face issues unique to minority communities, and simply listens to them, I believe Trump would have an opportunity to address a multitude of his own shortcomings. Not to mention, he could become a better man and better president.

In Ferguson, he would have an opportunity to be empathetic. It would be an opportunity for him to reflect on his own upbringing. He would see things he has never seen before. HE would be confronted with issues he never knew existed. He would hear the anger and frustrations of people who are afraid of what his presidency could do to them and he’d have to be presidential the entire time. I believe if Trump made an effort to find common ground and to learn from people who feel ostracized by him, perhaps the American people would be inspired to find common ground of their own. – 2020 Progressive, Ryan Black



Dave Tapscott

That he is in full in support of gay rights



Lisa Troedson

tenacity goddess

I’m racking my brain very carefully to try and find the right words to ease your minds. Yes, it’s true I voted for the president-elect Donald J. Trump. I filled in those ovals solid black on the ballot. I followed his campaign until the bitter end. That’s whom I personally chose to support during this election. He loves his country and the people from all walks of life in it. I truly believe that he stands for all Americans. I also trust him enough to know that he will run this country that we love so damn much the way that it should’ve been all along. I feel it’s high time to run our country like a business not with someone who has his own hidden personal agenda. A person who cares about everyone but we need to ensure the safety of our nation, first. There are rules and regulations for a purpose. How on earth can we guarantee being safe? It has to start with helping our country first. It takes time and effort but it must be done with compassion.

I know many individuals who are not feeling embraced by him because of the inappropriate comments made over the past 15 months, especially about immigrants. However, doesn’t he speak his mind in the way most of us think and are afraid to? I am not in any way, shape or form condoning his temperament but I really feel we need a change in the way we handle immigration. He cannot just send everyone who is not here legally on the next bus, ship or bus with a one-way ticket out of here. All he is saying is whomever wants to live here should do it legally end of story. It is past time for new blood and something new. We should be making people feel welcome and by no means should any one demographic be singled out. This country was built on diversity.

Each and every one of us are the ties that bind humanity and cultures together. People come from all over the world to the US of A for a better life than they currently have in another country that is not so fortunate. The U.S.A. is a country of hope and change. Everyone is in the pursuit of the American Dream aren’t they? We used to be the richest country in the world but we’re not and dreams are dying off because manufacturing plants are leaving the country. Jobs are disappearing left and right. But if immigrants are now living off of government assistance how can we rebuild the economy with big businesses going elsewhere while smaller ones are closing up shop? In the light of darkness there’s still a spark it just needs to be found. We the people need to give our new president the chance to make a world of difference.



Lawrence Pierce III

Good evening to all, I voted for Trump on November 8
th. I’ve been a conservative all of my life and I voted on my party’s choice. He aligns with my principles the most. For those who are scared though, you need to realize there are two versions of Donald Trump: the real one and the one created by the media. Hopefully you realize that the media is very dishonest. The media’s version of Donald Trump will tell you that he hates Mexicans and Hispanics, while thinking they are all racist. They will tell you that he supports the KKK. They will tell you he hates Muslims. They will tell you he hates the LGBT community. This effort to demonize Mr. Trump has been effective in dividing the country. I understand he has made some remarks that can be seen as racist, IF taken out of context. That is exactly what the media does. Even still it should not be about controversial comments made, it should be about policy. This is the real Donald Trump: He wants to secure the border. He said SOME of the people crossing the border were rapists, murderers and gangsters. That is a fact given the police reports we have seen from illegal immigrants committing atrocities across our country. Donald Trump wants to TEMPORARILY suspend Muslim immigration from terrorist ridden countries. That’s not bigotry, it is a logical response to the fact that all of our intelligence officials agree that ISIS will infiltrate refugee populations among other programs. Donald Trump disavowed David Duke, the leader of the KKK. Trump has not made a single comment against the African American community that I can point to. He has been praised by people such as Jesse Jackson in the past along with other prominent members of Civil Rights organizations. Donald Trump is all for equal rights for the LGBT community. You can take for example how Trump said Caitlin Jenner can use the bathroom of her choosing. The point of comparing these two versions of Trump is to let people who are scared of Trump know that he is not a hateful individual seeking to oppress all kinds of minority groups. He will be president for ALL Americans. You will be pleasantly surprised. Hope this helps. God bless.



Wa'Derrious Sellors

Aim High

Honestly, nothing he says could clean his slate for me only his actions. A lot of presidents have talked a good game but, majority of them never do what they say they are going to do so I would rather see him doing good actions rather than saying a good speech. The reason why I didn’t vote for the presidential election is because our vote doesn’t matter and never has. The first time I realized out vote didn’t matter was when I was in the 4th grade George W bush and al gore  were running for office.

Originally al gore won but, they did a recount in two states where the bushes had ties to and al gore lost because bush got more electoral votes. Fast forward through time we have the 2016 presidential election and Hillary Clinton gets more popular votes than Donald trump but losses badly because she didn’t have enough electoral votes. Now if our vote really counted ,wouldn’t she be the president of the U.S?



OG Law


My vote was for Sharif Street in Philadelphia. I voted for Sharif because he does his job making the community better by my side rather he is in office or not. It was the first time I voted in 42 years. Freedom and Democracy is having the choice to vote or not and who I choose to vote for to represent US. I voted for one who I can personally hold accountable. That is what I did with MY FREEDOM. I don’t believe my children are super predators nor do I believe Trump is constitutionally sound enough to be president. He will break rules out of genuine ignorance and disrespect.

Neither earned my vote so I chose to vote for God. I believe what has happened is a necessary evil to awaken the sleeping Giants called black people and the people who support us in our time of trouble as part of the human family. I still hold to the truth God gave me before this drama, red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sight… But black ISSUES matter most right now because we are in the most trouble. I would only vote for a candidate who understands that bigger picture. My team over stains that truth so they actually created a new position and voted me in as national neighborhood president of the united streets of America… More on that later. In short instead of voting for the lesser of two evils we created a solution to fight the evil and bring positivity into existence through all races in the streets across America



Rachel Dellerman


Ok bottom line my vote was for Donald Trump, because he is not a mass murderer or predator.
Hillary Clinton, The Obamas are terrorists.
They sent the word for 9.11.2001
They killed their own people
This is the truth, after all I’m an Archangel here on Earth



Sarah Canson



Shirley Newman


Don’t forget you are an American first and don’t try to over do it!!


Jamal Miller

Gays in the Life Of

Thoughts, Reflections, and Truths for Our Future

Right now, I don’t think there is anything the president-elect could say that would make me truly, one-hundred percent support him. With that being said, however, I do realize that I need to continue to act like a true American and support whoever my president may be. I’m a black, gay man living in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my white husband. Having been endorsed by the KKK,  I would want to know that Mr. Trump has plans to support the LGBT, minority and immigrant communities, and women’s rights.

A large number of his supporters display violent and racially-charged behavior, so a sense of safety would be of the utmost importance. This is the one thing I would need to, not necessarily hear him say, but feel. As a double minority in an interracial relationship, I need to feel safe under the protection and guidance of my president. If I could listen to plans of policy and positive development come from my president – keep in mind we don’t actually know what he has planned for the country – I would be fully supportive, as long as derogatory and inflammatory treatment of others weren’t part of the plan.

America is a country of immigrants. Over time we’ve developed into an overwhelmingly diverse group of people. Common respect for one another is something that seems to have slipped through the cracks along the way, and is all I wish to see from my president and all of his supporters. Of course, when it comes to an election, not everyone will be pleased with the outcome. What people need is the capacity to listen and understand where every group is coming from; patience, learning, and understanding of every walk of life. What ever happened to agreeing to disagree?

People are afraid of what we don’t know and I’m afraid of a Trump presidency and what it will bring. The bigger problem is that our country seems to be stuck in an old mindset – fearing people who don’t look like them and keeping those they feel are below them at the bottom. A woman should have one-hundred percent control of her body and be the only one deciding what happens when it.

Microaggressions and a sense of racism is something you feel in parts of Indiana. Indianapolis isn’t so bad, but when you travel outside those lines – traveling to our Alma Mater and visiting family two hours south – you know it’s there. Growing up black and learning to be confident and proud as a gay man in America is something I consider a gift. I’m built to handle whatever is to come from a Trump presidency because I know how to process hatred and other’s misunderstanding. Feeling safe under my president’s leadership would allow me and my respective communities to continue educating the rest of the country – impacting beliefs for the greater good.


The Polls are now open. Please vote for the 3 demographics that you believe represent the spirit of finding common ground. You are not expected to agree, and may never will. But  if they answered the question, with honesty and integrity, cast your vote so that they remain around.




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