Leaving something behind

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“I really don’t want to say goodbye to any of you people.”
– Christa McAuliffe


Sean Rowe
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To Leave Something Behind
elimination day (based on responses from eps. ii the pursuit of happiness)

developed by Kendall F. Person

We cannot turn away, no matter how hard we try. One glance at the news, out of the corner of our eyes and we are reminded of why we are here. President-elect Trump names Stephen Bannon to a top post. The beloved Oprah is turned on by her fans, for what I am certain, providing hope and comfort, was the intent behind her words. And yet another comedian booed off the stage, for political jokes, that we use to laugh at. So much hate and division and fear. But something happened to erase the despair. A writer who had just published a scathing post, full of national sorrow, linked  ‘common ground’ into their blog, for what I imagine was to share a flicker of hope, that 12 courageous Americans provide in the search for common ground.



the top 3

Lisa Troedson led from pillar to post on the most valuable score card: The Public Vote. But when combined with 3 other scores  (Judges Panel, The Inner Circle and the Show Card), as they say in Vegas: always bet on Black, as Ryan would nip her at the finish line. But the real surprise came out of Philly, as Michael OG Law turned a 2-party platform, into a 3-party race. Bravo to each of you for your thought-providing responses and commitment to the search.



elimination day

The American in Australia – Joe Flower – would not allow an 18 hour time difference from his turn at the megaphone. And his response to the question as if he were giving  the speech, was an imaginative method in getting his point across.

It is clear, that  Lawrence Pierce III – one of two millenniums here  – although steadfast in his party support, and while still growing and learning what life is all about, contributing a well thought out response, when he could have jumped ship as his candidate won, displays the rare ability, to become a leader that we all can embrace.

And with his strong showing on every score card, that despite his reluctance to share his voice, the importance of Mac Aguilar’s contribution, cannot be denied.



elimination day

Even hit with a penalty for being late, Shirley Newman was never in real danger. Her can’t-we-all-just-get-along type response and with her never-ending cheer-leading backstage, for the time being at least, she has been endeared to the search.

Jamal and We’Derrious both left question marks. Jamal’s answer, while well written his emotions were not hidden and overwhelmed the spirit of his response. But perhaps, that was his point.

And We’Derrious’ response may have stood a chance, if only it had been a different question that was asked; and if only the other millennium had not reached so much higher.



bottom 3

Everyone has a contribution to make, even if you end up in the bottom 3. But the decision of who to eliminate, was quite  elementary. Not everyone is ready to make their contribution, so perhaps the next time. Rachel did not try (or maybe she did). But it was Sarah, whose response was most unfortunate, and may have offended the voters, more so than even Rachel (since at least she was focused). During the middle of her audio response, she would entertain a conversation with someone else, even as she was speaking to a nation she was here to help. As for David Tapscott, his through the night fight for votes, was not lost on anyone.

So who stays and who goes….


goodbye girls

Goodbye Rachel and Sarah. Thank you for  trying to leave something behind.

The Search for COMMON GROUND continues on Sunday Nov 20th.

6 Comments on “TO LEAVE SOMETHING BEHIND: elimination day

  1. Well, I think I can speak for a few here, I AM SO Freakin Happy this Election Season is OVER! It amazed me at just how far we have come in America to have a President Elect push back SO FAR in dividing this beautiful America. Everyone, no matter the color of your skin, the cultural background you are from, what your sexual preference is or who you marry is just beyond my “pay grade” to worry about or to judge. That my friends will be between you and your creator.

    We need to come together united as ONE America to celebrate one another, our cultures, our likes and differences, and kindness to all humanity no matter what. We as people still have the power to hold any President Accountable for wrongdoing and division. Yes, many voted for a person who may or may not be fit to run our country, but we still a Loud Voices and The Rights to express these thoughts and feelings.

    It is why I urged ALL to vote this election. Now? Now we have the power to make sure this President Elect is held accountable and takes Ownership of what doesn’t work when he begins his term. Just my 2 cents worth, now I’m BROKE! LOL.

    PSS…. I had to include your blog and the neighborhood:

    Hope you will JOIN US “-)

    Catherine Lyon 🙂

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  3. The truth definitely can be overwhelming, but that wasn’t my intention. When the feelings are real, you can’t hide their true impact. Trust that my spirit is calm, but the fight inside is fierce! Good job, everyone!

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