The Search for COMMON GROUND episode one

I think we should all come together, and that race and color and social demographics really don’t matter. – Joanne Noelle Levesque, I am JoJo


We Belong Together (the lyrics)
by Mariah Carey





What if our prejudices were
based on misconceptions? What if personal beliefs, had no effect on our neighbor’s pursuit of happiness? What if the saying “I’m okay and you’re okay.” is actually true? And what if the bitterness and mistrust between fellow citizens and those who call the USA home, was all imagined –  until we began to believe it? And what if both celebrating and defending our individual differences – within respect and civility – served as confirmation, that as one nation, we are stronger than the demographics, that divide us?  And what if all we had to do to heal… was search for common ground?

To help change the dialogue by changing the way we view demographics of the same nation, but in the form of reality entertainment.

Ultimately, to learn more about American demographics, but through real life Americans. But sharing and teaching about who we are can be an uncomfortable challenge and accepting what we learn about ‘others’ even directly from those ‘others’, in contrast to what we think we know, can be a high hurdle. But only your votes and the judges can decide who has reached common ground.

Wednesday Nov.9th: First Search in the form of a Question or a Mission.
Sunday Nov 13th: COMMON GROUND and first vote:
Monday Nov 14th: First Elimination

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On Sunday, we will learn more about THE PEOPLE and the DEMOGRAPHICS each represents, but for now we are proud to present the 12 Americans who will begin the search for COMMON GROUND.


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  1. […] QUESTION: If your vote cast was for the President-elect Trump, now that the campaign is over, and no further need to be critical of opponent, please make the blue state voters feel better about the man you supported. But you are not responding to everyone, but to only one of the demographics- your choice – that has not felt embraced by his campaigned over the past 15 months. If your vote was for Hillary, your question is, if there was one single action or words he could say, that would allow you to clean the slate and support the president-elect, what would it be? The Search for COMMON GROUND introduction The Search for COMMON GROUND episode one  […]


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