8 All Time Best Performances

8 All Time Best Performances

Normally, at this time of year, we are gearing up for an awards event or like in 2015, Best Performance of the Year decided in A Star is Born. But this year, we are going to try something quite different. But how could we call it a year without a BEST or TOP 10s list, so let’s go for it.

Very proud to present The Neighborhood’s All Time Best Performances, selected not by committee or a panel, but by thepublicblogger himself. So with no further adieu…

The Neighborhood’s
8 All Time Best Performances
by Category 




and the nominees are….

⊕Tomaj Javidtash (Iran) A Forgotten Life SEP 2015
⊕Eric J. Steere (New Jersey) The Religious Right Book III Free Will JUL 2013
⊕Ahmad Al Charif (Lebanon) The Depths of Crazy AUG 2014

and Simply the Best: Eric J. Steere, The Religious Right Book III*
Steere had the impossible task of joining into a 4 part series in part 3. And while the experience was too nerve racking and frantic for him to continue in Book IV, Steere was masterful in introducing the plot twist, that Person never saw coming.



and the nominees are….

⊕Hussle Crowe (Detroit) I Deserve That from Half Mast
⊕JP Kallio (Ireland) Losing Faith from The Invisible Perception of Black
⊕Renan Javier (Canada) Rise of The Dynasty Overture from One Life to Live
⊕PShaw  (Philadelphia) A Thousand Ways from The Hypocrisy of War
⊕Rossi (Los Angeles) Moon Up Sun Down from The Dare
⊕Carlethal feat. Bridgette Cooper (New York) Peace Signs Up from Our Week of Peace 2015

and Simply the Best: a tie As it turns out, a song and a score are very different indeed, making it impossible to choose just one. Best Song: Peace Signs Up by Carlethal, the Official 2015 Our Week of Peace Anthem saw the video views rise from 2500 to over 75,000, and the enthusiasm could be felt as Peace Day 2015, reached all over the web. Best Score: Rise of The Dynasty Overture by Renan Javier.  “I would be tempted to call this post (One Life to Live) a theater piece. Because that is what is conveyed with the exquisite use of accompanying music, which boasts an immaculate level of inspirational prowess…”  Reviewer C.J. Leger



and the nominees are….
⊕Rebecca Lemke, Guy White, IvySoul Robinson, Summer Rose A Star is Born, RD VII: An Artists Collaboration Bubba 2015
⊕Guy White and Yelle Hughes, Star Fin 2015
⊕Becca and JP Kallio, Magnificent Discovery 2016
⊕Ned Hickson, Kendrick Merk Nichelson and Stephanie Mark Lewis, A Star is Born RD VII: An Artists Collaboration Dempublican Party 2015
⊕Kenderick Johnson, Wa’Derrious Sellors, H-Y Loco, Aaron Schell, CJ Bennett, Shrestha Bibash, Keyur Pachal and Jay Red Young Black Men 2015
⊕Flower Crittenden, Kendrick Merk Nichelson, The Lives We Live, RD IV The Artists Collaboration Round Freedom: Last Chapter
⊕Jasmine Thompson, Kelly Lewis, Oscar Plascentia and Summer Rose Poetry Stage: Paroxysmal Indulgence a poetry duet 2015

and Simply the Best: Young Black Men directed by Kenderick Johnson of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Everything about Young Black Men screamed disaster. But under the direction of a then 23 year old grasshopper Johnson held the young men together, and brought home one of the most viewed shows in The Neighborhood’s history.



and the nominees are….

⊕AUTO (Maryland) Bridges & the 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards Autobiography
⊕Swift Slay (Florida) 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards Goodbye My Love Naked
⊕Chio Smith (La Puente California) A Star is Born RD VIII The Preliminaries: The Proxy Performances
⊕Crystal Fairrington (Sacramento)) The Plight of the Powerless Consciousness
⊕Anonymous Soldier, I Don’t Feel Good 2013 (via link)
⊕Robert M. Goldstein (San Francisco)  Goodbye Mamma 2015

and Simply the Best: Chio Smith In The Neighborhood’s all time most popular show, in the heat of battle that was not her own, and on the biggest stage, 2nd only to the finale, Chio Smith was flawless, and all 4 score cards agreed (Judges, Inner Council, Producer, Public Vote). Her grand victory swept her brother into the finals without him needing to even take the stage. (Ironic to the end result)

⊕Fran Daddy (Philadelphia) RAW 2015
⊕Kareem Rejeb, Perfect Holiday
⊕Matt Salvo (Sacramento) Trader 2015
⊕Silverreploid Cle Slenderman The 8 Pages A Reaction!!! Video 2015

and Simply the Best: RAW by Fran Daddy. A first film made with one camera, and one shoot, in one location and a first time actress to boot. Unpolished and shaky and had he taken his time, more entertaining. But it handily won The Short Film Festival in viewers and the twist hits as hard as a major motion picture.


and the nominees are…

⊕Tobe Damit (Canada) TAG:The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority – FROZEN OUT
⊕Charles Okpere (Nigeria) A Star is Born RD VII An Artists Collaboration – DQ’d
⊕John B. Strong (Oklahoma) Michael DeBerger(Indiana) A Star is Born – Judges Quagmire
⊕Christian Marc (Washington) A Star is Born RD I – Backstage
⊕Eric J Steere, Book III Free Will The Religious Right- When Nerves Give Way

and Simply the Best: Judges Quagmire.  When Lead Judge Michael DeBerger stormed out of chambers in protest of John B. Strong not being thrown off the panel, it not only gave Strong the decisive vote, but it elevated him to lead judge for the final battle. With literally thousands awaiting the score to fall, Strong froze and held the show hostage for 12 hours sending the audience into a never before and never again rage. One Star watcher even called for the canines to be sent in.


and the nominees are….

Kirby Workes, A Star is Born – the DQ of Okpere 
Yavonne Squeaky Pen, Our Week of Peace 2016 The Opening Prayer
Fran Daddy, Chair of The Neighborhood Shows,  Our Week of Peace, the expulsion of Robert Webster
Ned Hickson (Oregon) The Sexiest Number – Crowned Champion
Rebecca Lemke (Oklahoma) A Star is Born… After the Show Ends
Charles Okpere, The Lives We Live, The Comeback Kid
Nadine Jordan (Sacramento) Our Week of Peace Native America
Kenderick Johnson, Young Black Men, Director

and Simply the Best Moment… Ned Hickson Not only at Age 49 did he school a flock of youngsters to win The Sexy Show, but it would further demonstrate to his family, his readers, his friends and his fans, that he is a man of his word, and his never give up, fight till the finish, its not over till its over, accept the thrill of victory and agony of defeat with pride and honor demeanor… is profoundly defining of The Neighborhood.


and the nominees are…

The Lives We Live a Reality Show
A Star is Born
2016 Mental Health Week
Opening Day 2015

and Simply the Greatest Ensemble of Artists…. Opening Day 2015 (see video) 22 Artists, 7 Stages, World Music Premieres, A Short Film Festival, Poetry, Photography, and The Exorcist… All on the same day and all in the same place.

Congratulations to the Best and much love to every artists and activists, grasshopper and veteran who has made their way to and much gratitude to the neighbors, visitors and guests. You have always been appreciated. (JAN 2013 – Present)
– thepublicblogger aka Kendall F. Person (big smile)

Up Next: The Neighborhood Award: Our Highest Honor





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  2. Wow what a truly amazing ensemble and wrap up! I’m personally grateful for the chance to meet and work with many of these talented, fun-loving people. And for those that I haven’t yet had the chance, know that I’ve been thoroughly entertained and enjoyed your contribution(s). 😃

    KP – Thank you for creating the opportunities, and congratulations on successfully pulling off another great season!🎉🍾

    Liked by 1 person

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