promoting violence

promoting violence

“You are cockroaches. We will kill you.”
– Broadcast Voice of a National Public Radio Station, Rwanda

On April 6, 1994, an airplane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi was shot out of the sky, killing everyone on board. The incident is considered the breaking point leading to a swift, but catastrophic  and all out civil war, that would leave the rest of the world in shock. In less than 3 months, over a million people – not cockroaches, but human beings – all related by national identity, slaughtered one another in savagery. The intensity of mistrust, between the Hutus and the Tutsis, traces back to their conquerors, who divided them  into separate tribes by spinning a web of lies.

The Rwandans would survive history, but they could not withstand the infiltration of hate, when a sociopath gained control of a popular, nationwide radio station.  The repetition of false claims soon became their “truth” even though it was him, not their eyes, that later proved deceptive. And in less than a year, all reason  would forsake them. No longer did they see  people, only cockroaches, everywhere.

Trump’s “Animal” Rhetoric Is The Kind Of  Hate Speech
That Will Lead To More Violence. – Jen Froderman, The Daily Banter


from Sacramento 
Mula Gang feat. Mozzy



Promoting Violence by Mula Gang feat. MOZZY:
Rap Brilliance, Speaks to Inner City and GOP

written & edited by Kendall F. Person



The opening sequence is unnerving. A police officer responding to a call, The voice of a young woman, frantic at first, then panic in her voice. A blitzing round of shots fired – before her voice melts into sorrow. As the chaos fades out, Mula Gang, along with Mozzy, take to the stage, lowers the mic, and delivers life in  a performance..



The  masterful precision of the track, works  as a smooth blend with Mula Gang’s unique treble sounding voice. And if this were a stage play – Mozzy – Sacramento’s biggest rap star, would be the encore. When he makes an appearance  the confidence in his delivery  carries a cadence all his own. But somehow it would seem unfortunate if Promoting Violence is appreciated only for its sound, since its depth moves well beyond the recording arts. The ability to induce flashbacks for  Generation X  while staying current and in fact, defining the present, is no simple task However,  it is the irony that elevates Promoting Violence to a  sign of the times importance.


“Hate her with all your heart. Forget about the rule of law, lock her up!” – Donald Trump of  his political opponent, at a United States of America 2016  Presidential Election Campaign Event

promoting violence trump rallyPromoting Violence exposes the violence still trapped in many Black communities, yet it does not leave us in despair, as  hope can be found in the promising lyrics  “OG’s in the hood trying to give knowledge”  But rather than imagine solutions to the  challenges, the GOP would often use inner city violence as a shield, to pivot a way from any topic concerning the shooting deaths of unarmed Black men by  Law Enforcement. To be fair – Promoting Violence was not meant to speak to the state of the Republican Party. But that makes little difference as the presence of violence gains a stranglehold on the GOP, promoted by the former presidential nominee.



4 Comments on “PROMOTING VIOLENCE Speaks to Inner City & GOP

  1. Thank you for your recent posts. Your ability to cut through the hate and find the truth, dignity and clarity needed to provide hope, when it seems all is lost, is a true light in the darkness. Remembering those who feed on hate and destruction are few, and solidarity in peace and hope can, must, and will survive.

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    • I have not written anything since this piece. I admit, that sometimes I wonder if my words are reaching people down deep. Thank you for making me end the pity party. You have literally inspired me to keep going. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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