Our Day of Peace

Peace Day

Welcome to Our Day of Peace

from San Francisco California, Eskaya by CEE3


On that 11th day of February, the eyes of humanity were focused on Africa; and not with sadness or pity of which we had become accustomed to at that time. No angry crowds gathered in the streets. No police brutality or vicious mobs trying to disturb the peace. When the gates to Robben Island – the prison that held him for more than a quarter century – opened and Nelson Mandela walked through, the serenity that surrounded him, captivated the world and drifted down upon us too.

There walked a man, the same as you and me, born into this world without sin, but into a nation that developed hatred from within. Stripped of all dignity, given no clout, he was less than a second class citizen, but refused to give in to doubt.  Where there was no hope, it was created. When it appeared the fight was lost, he refused to give in, until victory was in his country’s grasp.

I remember that day all too well. Not just because of what Mr. Mandela represented, or that a nation of people would be allowed to live free, but because of the rarity, when a moment of peace, captures the world’s collective attention.

Long live peace. Long live Mandela.

Please leave a link to your online community, so that we may visit Peace there too. Have a beautiful day. And thank you for throwing your peace signs up.**

‘Peace Signs Up’ by Carlethal featuring Bri Cooper.
The Official Peace Day Anthem.

**Press Release

The Lives We Live Series Finale

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  4. This feel so wonderful! I posted a blog about the friend mediator program I do in the schools. I love sharing peace education ideas with others because I believe peace begins with children.

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