A Blog and Social Media Post Challenge: The Karl Becker Moment Takes Us Higher


“When they go low, we go high”
– First Lady of the USA, Michele Obama



by Tupac Shakur, 
feat. Outlawz, and Phil Collins sampled


The Karl Becker Moment Tales  Us Higher
written & edited by Kendall F. Person


As individuals, we may live our lives within cultural and demographic comfort zones, well aware that we are not alone, but for whatever reasons, we may  rarely venture out. As a result or a consequence, and with neither malice nor glee, our perception of the people who live outside of our circle of  familiarity is shaped by people, institutions and mediums, that we put our trust into, at times, without questioning. And if we believe, that our pursuit of happiness  has been jeopardized by others, then our built up frustrations -related or not – boil to the service as anger, allowing the mind to materialize others, and they become the ones to blame.

There are historic moments – few and far between, but one we are in now, when I-the-individual, must think as We The People. We must accept our responsibility as citizens, to seek common ground and forge communication, both key in the continuous building of a nation of over 324 million people. Windows of opportunity come and go, as there is no such thing, when one closes all is lost. However, we may close or simply not open the one window, we actually needed for that moment.

“Regardless of the current rhetoric,
would either of you name one positive thing,
that you respect in one another.”
– Karl Becker, St. Louis Missouri USA

In a forum resembling  a Yo Mama! contest, more so than a  Presidential debate,, which in fact, it was, how appropriate that  an individual citizen – representing We The People – imagined a different way, With  a single question, he placed the spotlight on civility, provided a weary nation with a moment of carefree laughter, based on common ground. But perhaps of most importance, was the powerful affirmation,  that the idea of the American Dream, while fleeting, is very much alive.


A Blog & Social Media Post Challenge

issued by The Neighborhood at thepublicblogger

Go Higher


WHEN:  If you accept The Challenge  PLEASE  PUBLISH  ON TUESDAY OCTOBER 18TH – the eve of the final 2016 US Presidential Debate.


SCENARIO:  It is the day after election day. and rather the newly elected President won in a squeaker or by a landslide, is irrelevant, as we aim to try and live by our personal pledge of giving Madam President or Mr. President our support. We told our-self to take all the mistrust we had and channel it toward trust, the best we can. And we have to believe, for Her or Him is our President by  then, their intent is to serve the nation with strength and compassion, within a collaboration of the visionary leaders of our nation. And we pray, that their never give up or no holds bar style… is leadership.not ambition.

CHALLENGE: What is “the idea of the American dream’ to you? If you are or have lived it, please include a personal experience in defining the phrase. If you fear it is lost or believe it cannot happen, expand on your reasons, as it relates to your life. Delivered in sincere honesty, without fear of political correctness, but please maintain the spirit of The Challenge. Welcome comments and replies with an open heart and mind. Communication carries the ability to build trust and bring change.

WHERE/HOW: Via  blog post  or a social media post or tweet or in a song,video or visual artistry.  NOTE: Please share by linking to  The Neighborhood here or The Neighborhood Google+ or thepublicblogger Facebook Page or  @thepublicbloggr

Good Luck.


The Neighborhood offers gratitude to Mr. Kart Becker

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