Consciousness by John Hain

Sometimes, we must inspire ourselves


by Fiyaman


The Plight of the Powerless Consciousness
by Crystal Fairrington

I’m far from my peek of consciousness;
I’m just breaking into this game.
But I have some advice for the novices
like me, that are starting to feel the same.
Like there’s an emptiness in your existence,
and a bountiful source of sadness.
You want to fight these emotions through resistance,
but powerlessness and consciousness drive you to madness.
Like breathing seems just a little more futile,
as if pieces of you break off with each exhale.
In your despair you find little worthwhile,
afraid to move, feeling that to move is to fail.
In each of these moments I go back to my center,
that place that enables me to shamelessly feel.
To paint, dance, cry, or sing is my mentor.
All thoughts are stopped. In that moment, I heal.
There, the wills of the cowardly, though strong
cannot disrupt my internal connection,
and in those crucial moments I realize all along,
that when I create I am in my place of protection.
They cannot make me hate myself, or feel alone.
They can only spew hatred and lies about the body I borrow,
Even then, when others believe them and the lies they condone,
I will write. And my freedom will rise from what was once my sorrow.

written & edited by Crystal Fairrington 2013


 Spoken-word by the author


  1. […] I am at my best, within a scattered, manic organizational flow, balanced atop the high-wire – until I fall, crashing my elevator in the process. But self-awareness and experience remind me, that the only outcome a downward spiral offers, is submission to defeat. So  I open the blinds, embark on a long bike ride, telephone an old friend. or simply,  I return to my center and  write.  […]


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