‘StarBlazer’ New Music by Jazz Artist, 7th Born Productions, Delivers A Calm During The Storms

Star Blazer Jazz Music Review

Some people try to get very philosophical and cerebral about what they’re trying to say with jazz. You don’t need any prologues, you just play. If you have something to say of any worth then people will listen to you. – Oscar Peterson*



from Sacramento, 7TH BORN PRODUCTIONS



By and large, in a philosophical question, there is no right or wrong, ultimately it is what we believe or follow or subscribe to or settle for or are reduced to. With very few examples to the contrary, life is fair and tends to give us—on the average—exactly what we put into it. And even if the story is written, where our successes compared to the big stage are viewed as failures, or even if we master the victimization role and no one ever notices how many times we cried wolf, we know. And as individuals of the same species, I do believe within our contributions, there is an inner greatness, that is more defined in some than in others, but fair is pretending the template was cut that way or that all use greatness for greater good.**

If life is unfair, ask again  after reading about the plight of so many in the world around us and while listening to StarBlazer



Shooting Star

Shooting Star by Vincentiu Solomon


‘StarBlazer’ New Music by Jazz Artist, 7th Born Productions,
Delivers A Calm During The Storms
by Kendall F. Person
After an emotionally draining weekend, between the all-encompassing how-low-will-we-go 2016 US Elections, and watching for mark safe Facebook notifications, from friends and family, that were in the path of a Hurricane named Matthew; and bowing our heads in prayer, once again, for the historic nation of Haiti, for at last count, 1000 dead: the release of StarBlazer by Kenderick Merk Nichelson under the moniker 7th Born Productions, is no coincidence, I am sure. StarBlazer is a  light and catchy jazz tune, that speaks to only one emotion: Calm 



Released: OCT 10, 2016
Titled: StarBlazer
Jazz Artists: 7th Born Productions

Over the past 4 years, Nichelson’s  production style and musical choices have – at times -given the appearance of a hobbyist as opposed to an artist; most notably during a brief stint as a rapper, which took him way out of his element. But even the sidestep was not for naught, as the methodical thinking Nichelson, demonstrated the evolution of an artist, and experienced the liberating freedom of self-expression, which is admirable, to say the least. 
A casual jazz enthusiast or a new ‘Born’ listener, may interpret Nichelson’s vast catalog of music as unconnected individual pieces, but in actuality, he has quietly created and produced  A Soundtrack of Life — in real time. 

Kenderick Merk Nichelson, 7th Born Productions

Kenderick Merk Nichelson, 7th Born Productions

From the angelic Right to Life, to the rebel yell of activism in Soul Cry of a Leader. From the intellectual engagement of Cookies-N-StarBucks (top of post) to the reflective brilliance of WORLD. listen
And now StarBlazer. A voice of calm, a chance for a timeout, a brief getaway from the nonstop.The timing is akin to the cooling Sacramento Delta Breeze, which seems to snap strings of hot summer days, before our breaking point is breached. The opening sequence, magically pulls us in, one… note…  at…  a… time. No instruments debating or infighting of words, just a melody of calm, with enough bounce to sway along.
StarBlazer confirms that Kenderick Merk Nichelson  comprehends his craft and the power of effectively communicating through jazz. And for those who have followed his work, it demonstrates he is at his best, when his music as his voice, keeps in time with current issues and state of mind. 

— a music review courtesy of thepublicblogger

*Jazz Quotes
** Is Life Fair
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