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Ride or Die:
To be down with your husband/wife
[friend/boss/party] no matter what.
– The Urban Dictionary


Ride or Die by Fetty Wap


Hollywood has a long history in ride or die. Bonnie and Clyde may be the most infamous, but Bonnie was as crooked as Clyde. So she was not just down for him, but also, in it for herself. Perhaps the relationship – in its purest sense – that exemplifies what it means to be ride or die, came out of Hollywood in 1995, in an independent film titled Leaving Las Vegas. The story evolved around a suicidal alcoholic, who not only left his home in Los Angeles, but said goodbye to his life. He moved to Las Vegas, where he had made up his mind, that he would drink himself to death.

Shortly after his arrival, the boy would meet a girl. As their relationship grew, and her living arrangement changed, she would ask to move in, and with deadpan eyes he told her “You can never ask me to stop drinking, Never”  At the time she agreed, but she had no idea that she would fall so deeply in love, nor did she comprehend, that he was in the process of committing suicide.

Through the vomiting and the drunken rages; through the convulsions and the shakes; and through the heart-exploding realization that the love of her life, would leave her soon. But through it all, she never left his side. And the very non traditional unhappy ending of him dying underneath her as they made love for the first time, made her ride or die in the literal sense.too.

ride or die

written & edited by 
Kendall F. Person

The political spin doctors have been around for a very long time. It was their job to either reinforce exactly what the politician said – if it was good news or non scandal. But if the event news broke bad, the spin doctors would not necessarily change the story, but would convey it in a way, that was less damning to the office holder, candidate or political party. Then the advent of the internet created a 24 hour news cycle, which gave rise to the acceptability of partisan news coverage.

Scotty HughesAs alternate news sources grew, the market became fiercely competitive, forcing the revisiting or even implementing a marketing plan, which included targeted demographics. So FOX News turned right and MSNBC made a left, leaving viewers and voters trapped on media islands, which led up to the climate we have now: the division of America further fueled by political spin doctors.

As a result, the job of the surrogate morphed into something, nearly unrecognizable: the replacing of qualified reporters and dignified party leaders, with political pundits and ride or die mouthpieces. When Scotty Hughes’ is a guest or worse yet, sits on a panel, it does not take long for even a respected news segment to resemble an episode of Jerry Springer. Scotty Hughes is a non-bending, non-listening, conspiracy theory-leaning, and utterly devout surrogate for the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Ride or die for the cause, there is no doubt. But she does not actually spin for Mr. Trump exclusively. She is part  of The Tea Party Network, and has her own conspiracy filled and fear-mongering agenda, that would exist with or without him.. Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault Stallwoth does her best in portraying a serious political spokeswoman, but even those that defend her, take what she says with a grain of salt. When she explodes, upon being unable to defend her point, it simply reminds of her scheming, manipulative ways that made her the most disliked contestant on the first season of The Apprentice – a reality show. But there is reason to sympathized with Omarosa too. She and Trump have been close friends for nearly 16 years, and her high-paying position within Trump Industries, offers a not easy to replace jet-setting lifestyle, that existed before her bosses Presidential ambitions, altered her job responsibilities and title (Campaign Outreach to African Americans) and perhaps, unwittingly a surrogate for a platform she may not actually believe in. With only a 2% approval rating among Black voters, it appears Omarosa is not ride or die for the ideology of her boss, but for the money he pays her.

Katrina PiersonBut Katrina Pierson – the National Spokeswoman for the Republican Presidential candidate: Donald J. Trump – the heights she has taken spin, should have reached unacceptable industry levels a long time ago, as she will say whatever it takes, including altering history itself. Not nearly as zombie-reciting as Scotty and far more convincing than Omarosa, her stone cold delivery, that rarely answers a single directed question, and never holds herself or her boss accountable for anything they do or say. Katrina’s loyalty moves well beyond a committed employee. She is far too sophisticated for a stepford wife. And her shoot from the cuff and aim toward the jugular style is directly in line with the campaign she speaks for, making her appear less like a surrogate, and more like the partner of a snake oil peddler.

Katrina Pierson is the ultimate ride or die. Not because she appears vacant and soulless, unmoved by the lies she invents, spreads and condones. Nor is it due to her lack of knowledge, which is stunning for a spokesperson at her level. But Katrina Pierson  wins the ride or die title, for she is not simply a surrogate, but the Bonnie to Trumps’ Clyde.

God help us.

– thepublicblogger


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  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are forced at work here that most people haven’t considered because to think that our political system might be under a prolonged and sustained attack by a foreign power places one squarely on the side of conspiracy theorists and I’m not comfortable here. Yet there is a pattern emerging. Every other day I hear the name Putin or we find out that a Trump advisor received funds from the Kremlin.

    But the strangest pattern of all is discovering that there are plenty of folks on the hard right who think Putin is their kind of leader.

    Or finding a July 26th 2016 essay by a former the Reagan Administration official called: “Vladimir Putin Is The Only Leader The West Has” – by Paul Craig Roberts.

    It’s hard not to wonder: is it possible that the GOP and it’s propaganda outlet is now so sinister that it would turn our country over to a foreign power? Here is the article:

    As I say, almost every day there is some new weird connection between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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  3. I’m trying to stay out of politics this go around. That being said, there are just certain people you know are shills for their political cause. Unfortunately, her party will eat it up and place her on a pedestal. She will become a hard core voice for the Conservatives.

    I just look at people like this (on both sides of the aisle) as not credible.

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  4. I thought I was the only one cringing every time Katrina Pierson opens her mouth. I have been wondering why CNN still puts her on air….. I think I know now…. CNN wants to exhibit her as the persona of stupidity.

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    • Thank you for adding your voice and believe me, you are not alone. But I wish it was that simple, I think it has more to do with the bottom line. The hosts and other guests always look stunned at what she says. And I think they rather debate someone knowledgeable and feel like they are doing their job. But I imagine it is us that fuels the fire, the rankings probably swell whenever she appears. But I believe it is a shame, that she is allowed any air time at all. Appreciate your stopping through. Nice to have you in The Neighborhood.

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