“Let the news be spread,
the wicked old witch at last is dead.”
– Glinda the Good Witch of the South, Wizard of Oz


Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
from the Wizard of Oz



by Kendall F. Person

Apparently, Ride or Die either does not carry the weight that it once did or the term is a bill of goods, sold to transparent gold diggers or women who fall in love – hardcore – with the aura of man. In the thick of the #metoo revolution, one that contributed to an all-inclusive, political moment of comfort not division; and in Alabama of all places. Perhaps it can be described as poetic justice or closing ranks, that Trump’s Trio of defensive, manipulating, self-serving, backstabbing ride or die chicks, in less than a year, have crashed. Katrina Pierson

During the vicious 2016 Presidential campaign, Katrina Pierson, Scottie Nell Hughes and Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared invincible. Each did their ride or die guy’s bidding, no matter how low or the cost to the soul. Combative to the bone, they fought tooth and nail against anyone who dared question, let alone rail against their boss.

Katrina Pierson, spokesperson during the campaign and the number one chick, until she forgot her place. After the elections, while she made it to the White House, she did not make it inside. Sean Spicer would get the job she assumed was already hers – in her favor, she had been working in the capacity for nearly a year. But her status was perceived by only her, so even doubling down while sitting upon a high horse, proved meaningless and empty, since they came to take it back. The new administration soon tired of her voice and she was banished to a side post. Only when all hands on deck are needed, do we see the former ride or die queen.


Scottie Nell HughesScottie Nell Hughes is an ultra conservative, and her I-can-defend-any-crazy-theory punditry style, made her a favorite on the talk show circuit. She was cold-blooded in her concocted responses of anything controversial or to anyone that dared to question the motives of Trump. But this past summer, the wheels came off, and something happened that pushed relations to the darkside of man, as Hughes has recently filed a lawsuit against Fox Business News accusing Charlie Payne of rape.

In a male dominated industry, that is strife with sexual misconduct and with an explosion of sisterhood, determined to expose it, the allegations alone end her political consultant career, rather they are true or made up. We do not make light of any subject that involves violence of any kind against anyone, especially against women. But rape is a very serious offense, and while guilty men have gotten away with it, innocent men have paid the price, as well The importance of protecting, seeking and speaking the truth cannot be undersold, for God forbid we find ourselves in moments of need; and we send out an S.O.S, but the cries of wolf drown out our screams.

One Man Show

In 2004, the knockout first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice ushered in a new mean girl, by the name of Omarosa. I was a big fan of Apprentice during that 1st run, but never was I a fan of hers. Thankfully, she was fired early on, but the producers brought her and several other contestants back, to assist the final two in the Championship Round. With absolutely no way to win, and with the only benefit being goodwill and a supporting role on a winning team – neither of which held her interest. And so, ding dong the ride or die girl was gone and the self-described villainess was born. Without an iota of shame nor an ounce of remorse; on live television with millions watching, she would sabotage her team, by lying to Kwame Jackson, who in turn, had everything to gain. But he could not overcome the lie she spun, and season one closed with the nicest, smartest and overall best player being fired by Trump… for not firing Omarosa for lying.


OmarosaWhen news hit, that Omarosa was drug out of the White House kicking and screaming, there was  a collective thought from those who know who she is, “Yep, that’s exactly how I thought it would happen.” Although she vehemently denies the dramatic exit and on Good Morning America she offered a regal explanation, but it does not matter. Omarosa has never played the role of the villain — for she is.

There are few people so high on themselves, as Omarosa Manigault-Neman. Every person that knows her is a former friend, and each televised interview – not sinks – but plummets into the muck, within the first few minutes. She is combative, dishonest and 14 years later, still cannot be trusted. But when she said “My people” not only was it a new low, but no one knew who she referred too, if anyone at all. But the real Omarosa came out the next day, when she  declared war between Black Women in a response to Robin Roberts, Bye, Felicia. And the dark cloud is spread with unfortunate timing, as it is only one day removed from the success of Alabama, in which Black Women were shown as unified and together.

Pierson and Hughes deliver a cautionary tale, to either stand on your own two feet or ride and die behind an honorable man. As far as Omarosa, look passed whatever it is she peddles. For no matter how genuine the smile doth appears, never forget her only allegiance and unbending loyalty is to her dear friend, Donald J Trump.

Ding Dong. Omarosa returns from the dead,


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