SNAKE OIL: World’s Most Dangerous Drug

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SNAKE OIL: World's Most Dangerous Drug

Trying to convince someone, that they have been sold a vial of snake oil, is an exercise in futility – like putting the cart before the horse. Try as you may, it will go nowhere at all. The solution – although fraught with energy-zapping challenges, but with ends that justify the means – is to draw their attention away from what is being sold, and directly on the person selling the world’s most dangerous drug.  And there is always an effect, when individuals or communities or countries either fall under the imagined spell of the rubbish inside the vial or allow it to go unchecked, until a collision course becomes imminent. The only unknown is the size and magnitude of the carnage.



Trump by Mark Draws

“The killer whose name I will not say, was born in Afghan, of Afghan parents, who immigrated to the United States.”  – Donald Trump

Omar Mateen was many things. From a cold blooded murderer to a hate mongerer. But an Afghan he was not, rather a natural born American citizen. But the truth did not matter to Mr. Trump even as a Federal Investigation of our nation’s worse lone shooter massacre was underway. It did not matter to Mr. Trump, that Mateen’s own father had quickly made a statement, about probable cause of his son’s deadly eruption (pissed off after seeing two men kissing). The need to fully understand what happened, in order to prevent another tragedy like this one, did not matter to Mr. Trump. An entire nation had fallen into mourning – and the second statement the Presidential nominee made, was not of compassion and words of comfort, but a self congratulatory tweet – fitting  the very definition of egomaniacal – that he was right about Muslims. If cake requires icing, as it turns out, there is so much more to the story, yet without stopping to pause or take inventory of the moment, he continues peddling his snake oil.


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“The big decisions should be made by the people who won an election, whether the court agrees with them or not, as long as the justices don’t have to distort the law to do that.”
– U.S. Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts

Known as a conservative himself, Chief Justice Roberts could have been the rock star of the Republican Party, by overturning the Congressional passage of President Obama’s signature Affordable Healthcare Act. But he understands that country is bigger than any one person, so he thought through the repercussions, making his decision on what was best for his country. He has been my rock star ever since.

In contrast, at Mr. Trump’s conventions when things get out of order, he does not act with the poise and dignity of a leader of a nation whose beauty can be found in the diversity of its people. On the contrary, he revels in the power of the moment. Pitting American against American on an international stage. At a minimum – textbook divide and conquer. But do not allow arrogance to have you believe it only happens in other countries: as civil wars have been started over less.

He lies, he yells he insults with regularity, the same people he vies to lead. His uses a brash-billionaire-television-celebrity persona, to ramble-off “solutions” without offering a strategic plan. He has banned the Washington Post from insider coverage of his campaign – along with several other popular and respected media outlets. In Mr. Trump’s world, the hell with freedom of the press (see North Korea), yet he is running for President.


snake oil

Magic Vial – Snake by Izile

He is a snake oil salesman. It is snake oil in that vial. And rather we look at Germany or Rwanda or Sudan or North Korea or Salem USA, it has been proven time and again, to be the world’s most dangerous drug. It is up to all of us to speak up, because God help our nation if the demagogue becomes President.
roman empire



19 Comments on “SNAKE OIL: World’s Most Dangerous Drug

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  2. Thanks for your article. I believe we are all getting a good lesson in a high-functioning sociopath, and have done a lot of research on the topic. I invite you to read my post, and feel free to re-post it if you wish. Just trying to provoke thought and incite discussion. Again, thanks for helping educate people about this danger. B. Ashley


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  5. Without reacting directly to the substance of this analysis of Trump, I would like to celebrate the existence of our electoral process that allows us to identify – through his success – the huge gap between the needs of the public and the outcomes generated by our political system.

    One might conclude that there have been a lot of snake-oil salesmen at work, and the electorate is simply choosing to elevate someone that is transparent in his manipulation of our trust.

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  6. Interesting blog. It is ironic how he has garnered such support…and at the same time, The Donald recently just told the GOP to “be quiet” as if scolding a naughty child, he alludes that Obama is in it with terrorists, supports a Muslim ban, forcing Mexico to build the infamous “Mexico wall” and the list goes on….I wonder how he gets away with all of these without any consequences whatsoever?

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  7. It may turn out the shooter was a closet case who was sick with self loathing and untreated mental illness. He was questioned twice by the FBI and placed on the no fly list. Our republican congress voted down Obama’s attempt to prevent people

    On another note, I find it interesting that the GOP operatives who troll against Hillary Clinton constantly accuse those of us who will vote for her of not having the facts while providing us with nothing more than the regurgitated bilge they hear on Faux News.

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  8. Snake Oil is exactly the term I used when describing the kind of hate and racism Trump is peddling to gain the Presidential seat. And as you so eloquently put it, he is riding the wave of mass hysteria like a Hawaiian surfing champion — and sadly, it is getting applause. I have to hope that when the debates get serious and the microscope is taken to another level, Trump will be revealed for what he truly is. Truth be told, I don’t like either candidate. But unfortunately, Americans will have to go to the polls and vote for the lessor of two evils rather than for the person best suited to lead our country.

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  9. I am glad this is really a personal opinion and not stated fact that should be placed on the Sands of time. Because regardless what the United state has become or rather becoming. I would suggest here that it’s time for “Salem America” to be handled by someone that has a track record of turning dump sites into world renowned attraction sites. That would be a fine idea over the weak and twisted minds of the top dogs within the Democrat.
    Donald Trump is literally a fine demagogue. A man with two distinctive talent.. He has perfected the act of showmanship, and blessed with natural intelligence mixed with the gift of simple oratory.
    Why can’t he lead a nation that is pretty much confused at this stage??
    I have never loved the ideology of Islam, although it houses men with right mind and irrational thinkers; even if you paint fine pictures on their behalf, I would boldly tell you that I live in a country that has suffered plenty of set backs just because we have stupidity allow the Islamic ideologies to be on the centre stage; a ruling force of a country that houses many liberals and intelligent folks ready for a change in a status quo that has left the nation a degraded site of mediocrity.

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    • A lot of Germans thought Adolf Hitler was a ‘fine demagogue’ and that turned out horribly for Germany and the whole world. It’s not enough that he’s charismatic and rich enough to say whatever he thinks as soon as it comes out of his mouth. He’s hot-headed, doesn’t think before says the most damaging things, and likes to play games where where he tosses insults and demeaning slams at his opponents instead of offering intelligent or well-thought out alternatives and solutions. He peddles fear and spins hate-rhetoric until his followers get riles up and calls them ‘passionate.’ In short, he’s dangerous as a leader and should never have made it this far.

      I don’t like Hillary either and feel like either of them being voted in will doom our nation to something Bad. I’m not sure what the Bad is with Hillary, but Trumps touted version of the USA reminds the history-buff in me of internment camps and openly allowed, government sanctioned hate crimes, masked as policy. He’s dangerous. This is a nightmare.

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      • He is not a well rounded politician my friend.. you guys are the ones that tagged him an “outsider” but he has gotten to this stage because of the love he has gotten fro people that thinks he is ripe to rule a Nation that sincerely houses known politician that has no clue to what “right decisions” means.
        I think Trump is smart enough to know he can’t go the Adolf’s way, he has got way more to loose.. not forgetting he has a family that well sensitive to bullshit and would hit out at him if he messes things up.
        In all, I think Trump is the right man for your country. Would you allow Hillary lead regarding the mess she has brought to North Africa?? Isn’t she the Adolf is woman’s clothing? Huh?

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        • I don’t want Hillary either, to be honest. As I said, this election is a nightmare. One of epic proportions. Both of these candidates are wrong for the nation and there is no “less of two evils” that I personally would vote for.

          Trump got here by tossing money at things, pandering to the lowest common denominator and promising to do things he shouldn’t be allowed to do by the virtue of Human Rights.

          Hillary is running as “the first woman” and has the arrogant attitude that she BELONGS in the White House that we usually seen in the Republicans. As attitudes go, the idea that a candidate belongs there by virtue of who he/she is alone is disgusting and aristocratic. She is not the ‘heir presumptive’ to anything but she acts like it.

          No, I do not want either of them leading our nation.

          Also, I think you give Trump too much credit. He has power, but gaining the White House would give him too much.

          Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Both these candidates are already corrupt.


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  10. I’m sorry the reality exists to provide the material for your article. It doesn’t speak well of our current political reality. The reality around Hillary Clinton is equally bleak, if not more so. However, she is a much more polished salesperson and her gender and winning smile have bought her a lot of (undeserved in my estimation) forgiveness. I think humanity deserves better. That is to me, the point of optimism. The potential, the greatness of the human spirit.

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    • Women’s rights are central to the current political debate. So some research and find out for yourself who has been promoting and speaking up for women’s right round the world, which includes human rights.

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