Russell Rosander * ValentinaK * Harold van Lennep: An Artists Collaboration of Beautiful Dreams

An Artists Collaboration

The Neighborhood has evolved from a blog named Kendall F. Person to an original masterpiece theater of the online arts.  And while The Shows & Events – like the just completed Our Week of Peace – are where the performances are most noted, it is the artists collaboration that has defined thepublicblogger since the very beginning.

The steps to building a collaborative production are few, but patience  – as the biggest diva in the room – makes a few seem like many. And assuring that each individual performer is prominently on display, is crucial to a healthy karma and the showcase of each artists. But in a true collaboration, the performances  connect and collide into a single occasion, that we call the Show. 


INTRODUCING: the Performers

Beautiful Dreams


the Show

An Artists Collaboration




We were meant to dream.

It´s in our nature.

To hope, to wonder if,

to pursue.

Our dreams give our lives meaning,

our reason to be,

and yet,

there is a price,

they are not given for free.



The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening



they require us

to risk all,

to leap

into the abyss of the unknown,

to risk failure

or defeat.

Woe to those

who lack the courage,

so many empty lives we see.


A Faraway Land

A Faraway Land



would we ourselves

be here now

if none had dared to cross the sea?

Would we exist

to dream at all,

if none had gone before,

if none had died,

if none had tried,

if none had tried again?


Happy Easter

Happy Easter


And so we ask,

the giver of our dreams,

the creating of us all,

to help us in our pursuit,

to give us what we need,

to protect us

and give us the wisdom and courage

to learn

through our inevitable failures,

to never accept defeat,

to follow those dreams,

the will,  the dreams

of our maker

through and of ourselves,


they might take us.


A City in Space

A City in Space , on a Moon the mass of Genemede…


A very special thank you to the stars of the show
⊕ FOLLOWING DREAMS by Russell Rosander Short Stories 
⊕ DREAMS by Harold van Lennep
⊕ VALENTINAK by Ekaterinya Vladinakova

produced by Kendall F. Person



3 Comments on “Russell Rosander * ValentinaK * Harold van Lennep: An Artists Collaboration of Beautiful Dreams

    • Russell – So good to see you. Sometimes its all three, often at least 2, but rarely has the number been zero of the artists to not made an appearance. Thank you for not being in that number. And so good to know you enjoyed your show. it was a pleasure working with Following Dreams. An amazing piece of literature. (big smile). Welcome to The Neighborhood. – KP


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