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Family a Video Poem

video poem

What does family mean to you?

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The Neighborhood Short Film Festival River City Screen: Blame Game Cheerios Commercial directed by Jacob Miguel Coffey

a little boy, a dog and a box of Cheerios. What could possibly go wrong.

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The Neighborhood Short Film Festival Philadelphia Screen: RAW a short film directorial debut by Fran Daddy

The Neighborhood Short Film Festival

a director’s first film is a test of nerve. Ameture actors, one camera, no budget or studio just a vision in their head, but its a first step in honing their craft and introducing themselves to the filmmaking community.

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The Neighborhood Kick-Off Party South Beach Stage: featuring Childs

South Beach Stage

Staying power may be the most difficult of all task in the industry of recording arts. But Childs has been paid his dues to the underground, perhaps Show Me is where he’ll make his mark.

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Rise: An Artist Collaborative of Inner Strength

To paint, dance, laugh, sing is my mentor.
All things are stopped. In that moment I heal.

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