Family a Video Poem

video poem

What does Family mean to you?

created by Kendall F. Person
music My Heart by IvySoul Robinson, written by Kendall F. Person


14 Comments on “Family a Video Poem

  1. Hi Kendall, I loved the video and your message.

    It does display a wonderful message, and family does play such a significant part in our lives. I am very blessed to have a supportive and loving family.

    It is tough when someone clashes with their family or if there are unfortunate circumstances that cannot be controlled. However, I do agree with the comments before me that family (both blood related and social) still plays a significant role in one’s life regardless. Although we might not see things eye to eye in certain situations, in the end, we all know that we do care about each other.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing more amazing voices from you and in this community!


  2. oh family is every thing! it’s where life and teachings (good and bad) all begin. family is HOME; it’s where no matter where you are in the world, you always long to go HOME – to the family, but sadly some do not feel this feeling. we can create families and we can break apart families that’s the sad part. no matter what kind of family we have, it is still a blessing to have a family. family is also friends who come and stay in your life; i have some of those.

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  3. As you probably know, ‘Family’ is everything to me….Such a great idea of yours, Kendall. Can’t wait to read all of the posts!


  4. I enjoyed your variance in form today. 😉 I also admire the big ideas you put into play on your blog to engage people. You must be a very outgoing personality in your home community!


    • Hello Blog Woman!!! Always good to see your voice. And as always, your kind words mean so very much. and they land at the perfect times. {big smile}


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