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Day 3, Act IV: What’s on our mind.

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Kayla Hall
Kayla Nicole Hall,
Pepperdine University
Generation Z

I selected ATM by J. Cole because it hits the nail on the head. Songs that speak on how the only thing people care about these days is their self image, fueled by the amount of money we have, and what we spend it on to show it.

Unfortunately, some of us will do anything to get money, to gain a sense of gratification of self,  but based on the interpretations of what others think. I see myself as wanting to live my life differently. Where the sense of purpose is what we do to make the world a better place. I believe that we should try to fight the pressure that the world puts on us to make money our god and to let it rule our lives.

Hope you enjoy the song.


BB   ∞   X   ∞   Y   ∞   Z

w/ ATM

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Charles Okpere

by Charles Okpere of Celona’s Blog
Lagos, Nigeria
Generation Y

It seems to me that we spend most of our lives searching for beauty. I pursue happiness. I am looking for that one person to cure us of the need for constant support from man. To cure us of loneliness, self-doubt, or negative thoughts. I act as if we are broken and someone or something is going to cure that.

But isn’t it true that we are the ones who make life beautiful? Isn’t it true that only our thoughts can distinguish between happiness and suffering? and that it’s mostly all about us, about what I think and what I feel and what I see and how I used all the odds to create results?

Am I trying to create a beautiful life for myself?

Often times when I am alone, I ask myself all sorts of questions. Am I building something really important for me and humanity at large? Am I the person that I have always wanted to be? If not, am I becoming that person or did I get lost somewhere along the way. Are my dreams really turning into real life occurrences?

Am I doing my best to create the future that I have been dreaming about for so long?Dreams don’t just come true. Man have got to make them come true.

diasporaIt’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as deciding that what you have is enough. It’s as simple as looking yourself in the mirror and accepting what you see. With all the good and the bad always in the foray of things.

It’s all about the way my demons dance with my angels and creates less frictions. It’s all about the way I manage life, the way I manage adversity and opportunity alike.

You know something; there are the type of questions one does not like to ask. But it keep popping up, isn’t it important to live life? and in living; know our existence is mostly about building legacies tied around ‘answers’ we never knew existed, answers we aren’t going to be given as young folks. Answers we need to somehow find all by ourselves. You have to live your life exactly the way you want to. That’s what true courage is all about: acting without regard to consequences. Or something in that frame. And sticking only to the things you really love to do. The truth is; there isn’t time for anything else really.

We often take time for granted. We believe tomorrow is certain. But the truth is; its never going to be so. Sadly, we can never see what the future really holds but we could turn her uncertainties into “good days ahead”.

diasporaI have always wanted to be a freelancer. And in my definition of a freelancer, it doesn’t matter if you publish paperbacks or e-books, or if you just blog for fun. Being a writer/freelancer isn’t about genre or style or awards or laurels but a determination to make an positive impression with the vibes you put out on all your social media platforms.

Being a freelancer/writer is simply about complete focus. Finding an audience is also important, I give to you here that, I am truly grateful for being able to present my thoughts to such an amazing audience, but I don’t think this is the most important part of it all.

What you are is not what everybody is!!!

Even though sometimes it seems that nothing happens. At times it seems as man is really not making any advancement. But the truth is; you are! Day after day, as long as you keep on going, consistency and continuity your watch word, you are getting better. It’s all just a matter of perception, really.

Sometimes progress is all about holding on. Sometimes all you can do is hold on tight to your dreams and what you actually love doing.

But you alone know what those dreams are and what they mean to you. You alone can make them come true, and you alone can decide how much are you willing to fight for them till fruition.

2A few moments of perfection, that’s how great things are built. And then, everything that follows doesn’t really matter. Because you keep on going still. You keep going when you feel like it, and you keep going when you don’t. You keep going when you are happy, sad, confused, or tired. You keep going when you have to just move on, when you feel there are too many ideas crammed inside your skull, and you keep going when you don’t feel like it at all.

But then I remind myself that I choose to live most importantly over being happy. because feeling lucky even comes second on the list. And if I keep moving on regardless, beautiful things will happen for sure.

It’s all you. Just you.

And the beautiful life that you have imagined into existence.

Credendo vides! as the Romans would say. By believing one sees clearly!


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