Danijel Firak

Artists from Around the Nation
Interpret the work of Danijel Firak

Rise of the Dynasty Overture
by Renan Javier


Interpretation on the work of Croatian Artist Danijel Firak
by 6 American Artisans

artist Danijel Firak, Zagreb Croatia
music by Renan Javier, Vancouver B.C.

written-word contributors
Kelly Lewis writer, Los Angeles
maclyphx poet, Weatherford Texas
IvySoul Robinson singer, Philadelphia
Terrance TheAlien Foster rapper, Philadelphia
Crystalkay Fairrington student, Dublin Ireland


developed by Kendall F. Person




Nocturnal Squider From The Depths

Water is the waves to your soul.
Staring, as it rolls my mind I behold,
how soothing it looks.
Takes my world off the wrong hook
enabling me to read a righteous book.
As I bounce from read to stare
my life becomes so clear.
– IvySoul Robinson, Singer





Sightless he’s guided by the shrill howl carried on the wind to the savaged lands damaged by human hands. The battle rages on as the immortal warrior fights through the ages to save the world from mortal destruction. Summoning elements of the earth for the people in need who now grieve, despite their negligence, he tirelessly sows the seeds for rebirth. – Kelly Lewis, Poet




What Lies In The Glass Tomb Can Either Define You Or Change You
Are We Curious Enough To Unleash What Intrigues Us
Or Fear What Might Be Opened
It Can Be Considered Pandora’s Box
Something Out Of The Ordinary
– Terrance TheAlien Foster, Rapper




Dagger in the Heart
Beseech my heart
and leave it on the ground.
The dagger left in my heart
as I sink and drown.

You led me with false hope
Saying you still love me
But why do you keep claiming
That you are beyond saving

I reached my hand out
You left it there hanging
Tears streaming down your face
As we both fall from grace
– maclyphx, Poet




They cannot make me hate myself, or feel alone.
They can only spew hatred and lies about the body I borrow,
Even then, when others believe them and the lies they condone,
I will write. And my freedom will rise from what was once my sorrow.
– Crystalkay Fairrington, student

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    • Rajiv – So good to know you enjoyed the show. Danijel is a talented artist and each of the contributors are equally as talented in their genres as well. It is an absolute pleasure for me to present the artist collaborations as a tribute and out of love and respect of The Arts. As always, thank you for adding your voice.

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