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Communication leads to community, that is
to understanding, intimacy and mutual value
– Rollo May


Fred Rogers
w/ Beautiful Day


“You have created an excellent meeting space, both informative and engaging.” Let’s Cut the Crap

Back Down Memory Lane
Four Moments that Define The Neighborhood

I remember moving from the blogger platform to WordPress and feeling really nervous, like I was moving across country in real life. An old friend, fortunately, allowed me to leave without cleaning up, for she made sure that anyone who arrived after January 1, 2013 was sent to my news digs, To my knowledge, no one from the blogger medium ran after me, begging me to wait up or stay, so I had zero followers, although I arrived with four months worth of posts in tow. By selecting an appropriate theme, and familiarizing myself with WordPress landscaping, there was nothing left to do but build.

oneMy First Post: Pole Worker at Night – a music review.  Pole Worker at Night by Killa K.I.D. and TheAlien321 would go on to receive a nomination for the 2013 Song of the Year,  but more importantly, the song was a random selection, and a pretty straight forward review, but it was a part of the PShaw Productions catalogue, and it was their music that gave imagination to adding sound to everything.  The seemingly stable working relationship between PShaw Productions and The Neighborhood would eventually implode, but by then, the city of Philadelphia and The Neighborhood would be intertwined.

twoFirst Follower:  valeriu dg barbu blog His community is not only still alive, but thriving. I stayed for a minute, read a nice post, each one is in 3 languages English Italian and Romanian My initial plan was to make a really big deal about him being my first follower, and was going to inquire as to rather he remained a neighbor, but in the end, the thought of him still watching over me, is better than the discovery, that not only does he not know me, but must have followed me by mistake.

threePost that Changed Everything: A Lonely World Not only does A Lonely World remain the neighborhood’s most popular show, it is only one of two editorials I have written on a popular topic while it was still current (the other being Beyonce’s Legacy). But more importantly, it offered confirmation that I was no longer just a fictional writer, but had evolved, and would eventually master the craft of writing itself. A Lonely World became so popular, that several parents, teachers and even the school districts superintendent in Columbus, Texas, who was at the center of the storm, contacted me directly to offer their side of the story. But it was the path taken, comparing two very different occurrences (if you look only on the surface) that would begin in earnest to drive my stock upward and soon after the release of A Lonely World, the neighbors began to come.  I had used songs to help amplify posts before, but the collision of Lonely World (2013 Winner Song of the Year) by P Shaw Productions with A Lonely World  the editorial, then completing the background with a  collection of pictures of children from around the globe, was the exact moment the tagline materialized.

At, blogging is a performance art and every post is a show. 

You have me spellbound. Have not come across a blog like yours. Not blogger centered but . ‘out there’ (aptly called public blogger) engaging passers by with riveting performances. Awesome. Congrats. – Rambling Rose

fourThe Neighborhood’s Defining Moment:
2013 Season – Ending Show: bridges & Thepublicblogger Awards.  The planning for the awards show, began months prior. Hundreds of blog posts are read by me each month.  The judges were selected and began narrowing the field down further in October. The guests performers were met with and confirmed in November. Once the nominations went out, there were now 54 nominees who required proper attention and became involved in the process. At one point, there was close to 70 people, from 20 countries who were involved in making sure the first ever online awards show was memorable. There was no type of exchange of currency of any kind at any time.


All would go according to plan, with the exception of the featured guest performer, P-Shaw who was expected to receive the first ever The Neighborhood Award for the contribution of his music and the many artists who were under his label. James Pattishaw would fall out of contact, 5 days before the Season-Ending Show, that was written and evolved around him, leaving me face to face with the collapse of Thepublicblogger Awards, placing The Neighborhood itself in jeopardy. But what became so very important, is all of those good neighbors who had worked hard, so with 36 hours to go, I took a deep breath, and simply wrote him out of the show.


It was an overwhelming success as can be felt by the beautiful and sincere acceptance speeches made by all 8 winners ( a tie for Best Short/Long Story). It was a special event, and one that defined The Neighborhood as a hub for artists in the underground to elevate their exposure via a collaboration of artists of all genres, enhanced by thought, delivered as entertainment in an all-inclusive forum of peace.
this is…. The Neighborhood
created by Kendall F. Person


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  4. mister kendall, all i have to say is this: you have the most unique and engaging style of engaging unique Others that i’ve never seen the likes of online.

    glad to be a small part of your e-world 🙂

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