let them eat cake

“Let them eat cake.” – Marie Antoinette


w/ A Ghetto Christmas Carol produced by Ronny J


by Kendall F. Person

It was during the French Revolution – as the story goes – upon discovery that the starving peasants were out of bread, Queen Marie Antoinette made the profound announcement “let them eat cake,”  Both debated, however, rather she said it and if so, what was meant by it. Was she so removed from her people and the struggles of the kingdom she ruled, that her words were cavalier as she noted all the cake in the room? Or did she look around at all she had, and the mounds of cake leftover from the decadent affair for the ruling class, and ordered it to be delivered to her subjects so they would have food to eat?NO CAKE. QUESTIONS ON BREAD.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Let them eat cake has come to symbolize the emotionless greed of the oligarchs in charged. And after the sweeping tax cuts heralded by Trump and rammed through by the GOP,  I doubt very seriously if those greedy, cowardly ‘leaders’ on the hilly swamp would even throw their subjects bread.

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  1. In the age of globalization where capital can flow freely across borders, it is a “race to the bottom” for corporate taxes. It’s not fair, but it is the reality. Capital goes where tax rates are the lowest and regulations are the weakest. That is the nature of corporate greed.

    To be fair though, the Republicans did give every income group a tax cut. It wasn’t just the rich. The middle class will have more money in their pocket, not just the rich.

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    • Thank you for adding your voice and providing comfort behind what some say is doomsday (and I would not at all mind being on the wrong side on this one). I am not concerned about the corporate tax cuts in a bubble, but the enormity of it all seems so over the top. But the real concern, is what will be collapsed because of the lack of funding. Taxation is not for not. And countries that do not have it for the arts and infrastructure and to take care of the downtrodden, look that way. I am fair person, The Neighborhood keeps me honest, so I listen to all sides (but the interview with Warren Buffet was telling and he wrote a letter opposing it (among others). I just do not think the guardians of the gate hold the best interest of our country at hand. but again, I hope that I am wrong. But remember it is the Donald Trump who’s philosophy “You can’t be too greedy.” And Chris, although I disagree, I so thank you for chiming in. Its how community is suppose to be. (big smile)

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