Emotion Carries

The Question: What makes a story interesting to you?
The Answer: Stories that carry emotion, are of most interest to me.

Emotion Carries

“No tears in the writer,
no tears in the reader.
No surprise in the writer,
no surprise in the reader.”
– Robert Frost


by Makiah Beats


by Kendall F. Person

ReadingWhen I was younger, it was genre that drew me in, until one year – when I was a little older – I stepped outside my comfort zone and found reading to be wildly entertaining, and only the dullest of books would stop me from finishing the story. Now, I start reading a post or story for whatever reason: but to answer your question: What makes a story interesting to me? The writing style.

Do the words flow and the ideas work and does the theme build, and the climax – does it  force a gasp. Fiction or non, long story or short, poem or essay, words should read like songs that makes us dance and images that make us stare or better yet, like the stage, where we expect our live players, to deliver a performance, that makes us cheer.

I even like when art imitates life and stirs emotion. I like when it reaches the finale and I stand and cheer or fall to my knees in loud, sobbing tears. I like when I finish an essay or poem or a short story, an opinionated editorial or a full length novel, and I am forced by the gravity of its meaning, to sit back and ponder. I like when it makes me laugh out loud and when I curse the characters, written so powerfully, it feels like they are my personal nemesis.

happy writer

by Gordon Johnson 

But most of all, I like when I am able to picture the writer – alone, creating – and they hit an emotional zone, that takes them to another level, where the fingers are just typing and the mind begins racing and the story they have been holding in, explodes.

So the next time we are angry or sad or overjoyed, we will not suffocate in our emotion nor drown those around us, as if our emotions are more important than their own. We will write or sing or dance or study or work or resist or solve the problems of the universe. We will not run our adrenaline dry by useless screams and fruitless bouts. We will control our energy, allowing our emotions to carry positive vibes.

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  1. This piece reminded me of one my favourite Fernando Pessoa poems.


    A poet is a faker,
    whose so good at his act,
    he even feigns the pain
    of pain he feels in fact.

    And those who read his words
    will feel in what he wrote
    neither of the pains he has
    but just the one they don’t.

    And so around the track
    this little thing called the heart winds
    a little clockwork train
    to entertain our minds. “


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