THE END OF THE STORY an encore unbroken presentation

The Last 2 Minutes

The full production of ‘The End of the Story’ was broadcast as a Live event from  6 – 7:30 pm PST on Dec 30 via thepublicblogger Facebook Page. By midnight, the one night only affair was cleared from the stage and The Neighborhood was CLOSED, made official Nov 30 in Bringing Down the House.

This encore presentation is a summary of The Neighborhood’s 2016 Season-ending Show and a retelling of the final minutes of ‘The End of the Story’. – thepublicblogger


“In such beautiful simplicity, Jim Nickley’s The Story captures the heart & soul of The Neighborhood; its artists inclusive of its fans and followers of 100,000 or more.” – thepublicblogger

Jim Nickley’s THE STORY

an animated short by Guy White
music ‘Can’t git out’ by H-Y Loco


seeing above the clouds

The End of the Story an encore presentation
of a LIVE vii act narrated production

Headlined by 7 artists, whose contribution in 2016 of  talent, social consciousness and a most profound since of loyalty, is how they arrived on center stage. Through vivid animation, a spoken word cadence and the emotions of sincerity, each tells the story of us as experienced within The Neighborhood.


The Performances

click image to transport back to Dec 30

The Neighborhood’s 2016 Season-ending Show has much to remember it by, but young writers everywhere, must have been dazzled as Kendall F. Person put on a writer’s clinic. In a behind the scenes written word performance, he wrote the entire narrative as the show evolved on stage. From the song review of I Need A Freak that kicked off The Show, including composing the Open Letter in Act I. Continuing throughout the LIVE presentation, connecting each performance into a collaborative engagement. continuing all the way through until he typed The End. It is little wonder why those who understood The Neighborhood’s relevance and its unparalleled, yet overlooked achievements, are in a state of shock by its closure.

“Even the people  who never heard of it, are going to miss it now that its gone. The Neighborhood was all of us. It has changed lives, and a life was lost here. It was a home to the mentally ill. It taught respect and responsibility to young men. And it did not find or discover, but built common ground, through an unbending all-inclusive community.The complexity of its thrilling reality shows, produced and executed witin a medium, that no one had imagined before. But more than anything, it inspired and influenced, simply by providing a profound sense of beauty in every thought and in every show.” – Kendall F. Person


seeing above the clouds

The Final Minutes of
the 2016 Season ending Show

It is that influence, that led to the unlikely shared spotlight on center stage as Wa’Derrious Sellors of Monroe Louisiana and Lisa Troedson of Modesto California, found themselves in the final throes of a story, four years in the making, containing lives of artists from all around the nation and from nearly 30 countries around the globe.

But no one would know, not even the writer, that the finale had not yet been written. Below are the narratives, of the final 2 minutes.

ACT VI  Bridges Lisa Troedson

Every person, within each role of every show and every game we play, is deserving of whatever victories come their way. Lisa Troedson has demonstrated the ability to stand firm but also to sit down and have a conversation, in a place where we do not shout. She has been – without even noticing – an inspiration as young Republicans are watching a natural bridge connecting to them, as The Neighborhood belongs to everyone.

From the bottom to the top, Wa’Derrious DaKid Sellors of Monroe Louisiana moves passed the hype of lyrics and toward living their meaning. It has been a long and sometimes challenging road, and more than a few of those challenges, he had only himself to blame in. Sellors may not always listen when given advice, profound or not. But when he reaches out for help, not an everyday occurrence with his generation, he does something quite profound. He not only takes the advice, but as demonstrated in The Search for COMMON GROUND, he makes a winner out of dead last. And after 3 years here, earns his wings.


More pomp & circumstance than actual depth, as tonight when the curtain falls, it will not rise again. But Honorary has a place and a meaning to those that give it and we hope to those who receive it.

Her time here has been short in comparison, but Lisa’s resume demonstrates that she did not walk in, but jumped. From the defunct The MIND + GAME Show to The Challenges of A Woman. From a radio voice on The Sexiest Number, to being named to The 2016 Underground’s Most Beautiful People’s List, to week after week winning the public vote in The Search for COMMON GROUND, to still being here, at the absolute end. Yet she dwells within the humbleness created by a world that still confuses her. She cannot imagine, that through her own hard work, respect and loyalty that she would be the last woman standing in a neighborhood that has come to love her and respect the other side of her bridge.


Earlier that Day
The sitting Chair of The Neighborhood Nafyis Walters – only one of three to hold the most powerful and important position – was recognized for making some tough decisions, but was retired of the title: decision 6 – 3.


7:25pm pst real time behind the scenes
Only minutes before the ending, an unexpected call was received by a voting committee member. Person smiled as he listened, and then deleted the initial last two sentences.


On Stage
As DaKid’s spoken word performance was winding down, Person typed directly into the browser and pressed send, at the exact moment  DaKid’s  performance ended.
“Lisa Troedson of Modesto California, only 2 hours to rule, but enjoy the moment. As you have just been made the first woman and the only Republican (just fun to  say) to be named… Chair of The Neighborhood. Congratulations Madam Chair. And thank you.”

this is…. The End of the Story
The Neighborhood, created by Kendall F. Person
produced by thepublicblogger
in a collaboration with of over 200 artists, activists and every day people, longing to make a contribution to our mission
Jan 1 2013 – Dec 30 2016


Seeing Above the Clouds
A tribute to the underground stars



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