The Underground’s Most Beautiful People 2016

2016 Underground's most beautiful

The measure of beauty is as subjective as art. From rugged good looks to drop dead bombshells and to the more sublime, where beauty is found in the eye of the beholder. And while beauty should not determine what is in someone’s heart or qualifications for employment, there are certainly times when beauty in and of itself falls under the spotlight glare and there is nothing wrong with that. – thepublicblogger


from London United Kingdom
Neon Hitch with Sparks







Marysa C

Marysa C from Ottawa Ontario Canada, is simply a bombshell.




Reel Fam Jake

Reel Fam Jake the filmmaker resides in Sacramento.  One voting member inquired “May I send my number?”





Suzanna Davidson

“a sadness persist” one judge said of Suzanna Davidson of Lahoma Oklahoma, but she is beautiful nonetheless





Kareem Powell

“If beauty had another name” one judge wrote “It would be Kareem Powell of Sacramento”




Scott and Lisa Troedson

rugged good looks has never been so beautiful as Scott & Lisa Troedson of Modesto California




AmRit Shenava

AmRit Sheneva of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is not only a young genius but a beautiful geek





Jill Cambell

Sacramento’s Jill Campbell is beautiful there is no doubt, but it is her inner beauty, that makes her a knockout




Keenan Rucker

The elusive Keenan Rucker from small town Missouri may be the most beautiful rapper you will never meet




Marie Chidi Okorie

for the 2nd consecutive year, Marie Chidi Okorie of Lagos Nigeria is voted one of the underground’s most beautiful people




Alexander Dashichev

Russian Alexander Dashichev lives in Ireland brings beautiful to 2 nations


A Very Special Thank You To…
*The Crown by PhotoByMeR96
**wolf by Yorvig
*** The 9-Member Voting Panel for your hardwork


The Challenges of A Woman

click to enlarge

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