Henry DeWitt


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Back in the mid 70’s, dog tracks were a big venture in the state of Colorado. I remember going to see the greyhounds when I was a child. Did not much enjoy it, except when a particular dog named Henry DeWitt was on the bill. Dog tracks are much smaller – a quarter of the size of horse tracks – so often, the dog that takes the lead, gets the win, except for the tricky turns, which would cause slips and spills, allowing a long shot to roar in. But Henry DeWitt – if dog races were bigger, he would have been the Secretariat. The other hounds would charge out of the gate, chasing the electronic rabbit, that they were never going to catch. Not Henry DeWitt. He knew he was in a race, and more importantly, he knew how to win.

He would take the first turn, in dead last, gaining ground down the stretch, staying clear of any collisions, as the pack took the far turn. But as they turned for home, we would hear the announcer yell, “HERE COMES Henry DeWitt!!” and every single time, he would race passed the tiring dogs, as if they were standing still.


With 16 days remaining in The MIND + GAME Show campaign, we are on the backstretch, with much ground to gain, so I make a non-panicked, but very  sincere plea.
The MIND + GAME Show campaign

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3 Comments on “Henry DeWitt

  1. Nice memory of the dog track, but Rusty is usually the name of the rabbit lure (fake rabbit) that the dogs chase; hence, the announcer saying “Here comes Rusty” at the start of EVERY race. I worked as a division judge at two greyhound tracks in FL and Rusty was in every race, riding the rail as the dogs chased him around the track.


    • There was a rabbit named Rusty. When Rusty the dog ran, the announcer would repeat himself at the beginning (“Here comes Rusty”) speaking of the rabbit and at the end (“HERE COMES RUSTY!!) the dog. (big smile)


    • Faded Ginger – I stand corrected. I followed up with my mother, who said I was thinking of Henry DeWitt, as the rabbit’s name was Rusty. Thank you for the correction and adding your voice to The Neighborhood this morning.


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